Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thankful Thanksgiving

We had a nice Thanksgiving at home this year. I prepared the traditional menu. I like to get those really little turkeys (just the white meat) and it came out awesome; my best turkey yet. Tomm and I really enjoyed all the food because we don't eat like that anymore... we have changed our eating habits to shed some LBS but we let loose a little on Thanksgiving. It was just the three of us and the kitties.... well, actually, thanks to our new WEBCAM we were able to talk to our families via Skype and Gmail Video Chat! It was SO awesome to be able to see everyone and talk to them. I am such a baby anyway, but I kept crying to myself as I was seeing different family members come into view. The holidays make me homesick what can I say?
After we ate we were all pretty much in the garage the rest of the day (me and baby T in and out). It was funny because I had just painted my nails (a rare treat for me these days) and so I thought I would put Baby Tom in his stroller and wheel him around outside so they would have a chance to dry.... I was so pleased with my clever plot until I came back inside to find a gnat had dried to one of my perfectly polished nails. Nice. Haha

Tomm is rebuilding the front end on the Camaro so he was able to dig into it over the long weekend. Here he is at work :)
Baby Tom testing out the new creeper that Big Tomm got for Christmas. Hahaha
PS: I had a really cute "Thanksgiving Video" to share but Blogger is being super lame and won't load it :( So no cute videos this post.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Finishing Touch

So Baby Tom's room is now complete. We just put this vinyl up in his room tonight. I am so exited about it!!!
I want to thank Natalie for spending SO much of her time on this and making for me! She has some serious Cricut skills! XOXO

Here it is!
A closer look at it. This scripture is so relevant to our journey. I love it!
A view from the doorway.... and do you spot a little baby boy in his new bouncy seat? haha :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First Quarter

BabyTom is 3 months old! He is such a handsome, adorable and alert boy! When I look back on old pictures and see how much he has grown, I just can't believe it!
SO, what is happening at 3 months?....
Colic Update: At this point I am pretty sure his colic problems are done.... I am slowly adding the once restricted foods back into my diet (all dairy foods, onions, garlic, tomato sauce, chocolate... to name a few), so I can make sure they won't cause him any discomfort.
Teething... I definitely see the signs: DROOL, hand biting, little coughs and a side of occasional irritability.
Studying... scoping out all of the things he will soon get his little mitts on. Especially kitty tails (I-yi!) when they are flipping and flopping... just begging to be grabbed.
Laughing... He laughed out loud the other day. I sing this horsey song and bounce him on my knees that gets him laughing and screeching. We were all laughing and having a good time!
Rolling... he can roll over on his side and sometimes onto his stomach.
Lots of Cooing and Razzing(aka: Bllllllpppp): It is soo cute to watch him try to talk and blow bubbles.... there is a cute video at the bottom of the post.
Eczema Update: Thanks to Aveeno Baby products his skin is clearing of all redness and eczema!

This cream worked right away. I put it on and within hours his face looked clearer.
Thug life
Enjoying his mobile.
One day (by the fourth month) I will move him to his crib to sleep... it's going to be traumatic (for me).
So cute!

Purrl got scolded for trying to sleep in the bassinet. No kitties allowed.
Blanche ignoring us... and tucking her tail in tight. Haha
All bundled up and ready to go for a walk.
Hangin with Dad
They look so cute together!

Big boy sitting on the couch.
So exited!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lizard: 1 Tomm and Whitney: 0

Seems we (well, I), have an ongoing issue with a very territorial, stubborn and just RUDE lizard that is living in our mailbox. This lizard is a problem! As soon as I open the mailbox, he rushes up to the opening and tries to intimidate me. He has even jumped out onto me and I guess he's trying to kick my A$$... well, he's lucky I am understanding. Tomm attempted an unsuccessful relocation last weekend. I am now running out of patience, as he is getting more combative by the day.....

Here are a couple of videos that really show the rudeness... HAHA

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tom's First Car

Crib: Check, Diapers: Check, 1991 Camaro: Double Check...
Now we really have everything we need for our baby son.
Big Tomm has ALWAYS loved cars. He has a passion for them and loves to wash and detail them, tinker on them and perfect every mechanism, and especially drive them! So he wanted to make those opportunities available to Baby Tom so he bought a hot rod. Now, until Baby Tom gets a little older (and can actually help work on it), Big Tomm will be having fun with it and getting it ready for them to raise a little hell in.
Oh, I can just hear the laughter and the revving of the engine now. I think the garage will be our new family room one day. Haha

Their first picture by their hot rod. I am responsible for their coordinating outfits :)
A closer look at my handsome boys!
Look how happy he is. I live for this smile!
With the top out and the pretty interior. Can't wait to go for a ride!

The World's Worst Job...

Immunizations Administer..... Vaccine Tech.... Shot Giver.... BABY POKER.
However you wanna say it. Yup, World's Worst Job!
And it was so awful having to take him to get his shots knowing that it was going to hurt! So that was # 2 on our NOT FUN list (# 1 was circumcision).

Tough boy with his bandaids.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was extra fun this year! Our little bundle of joy makes everything more special. Baby Tom went as a bat, I went as a witch and Big Tomm went as... Tomm Simmons :).
We went to the big Trick or Treat party they have every year in the Acreage. It was a lot of fun!!

Our little Baby Bat trying out his legs. Cuuuute!
Our cute family!
Senior and Junior
Mama and Baby
Sittin in the pumpkin patch
Time to cool off.
Big Tomm handling the candy bowl and making sure noone smacks thier head on my liftgate.... it only happened once :(
We were being watched the whole time....mmmmwwhaaaaw! Actually it was a very cute horse that was watching us. We were already aquainted and are good friends... whenever I take Tom for a walk he comes out to say hi.
Stripped down and happy. His costume was made of fleece so it was getting uncomfortable.
All partied out, sippin a little Mummy's milk.
We had my famous Witch's Stew for dinner.
It's just ground beef, chicken, mexican rice, black and pinto beans, tomatoes, lettuce and lime juice on top.