Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How Many Months Are You?

Ever wonder your age in MONTHS?
It was the topic of conversation one night as Big Tomm and his buddies had drinks together. They all had fun calculating their ages in months instead of years. One of Tomm's friends (an accountant... always thinking in numbers) went a step further and calculated his age in days! Show off!... you know who you are!
I always laugh when I think of that story. I am a little slow when someone tells me their child is 18 months.... sooo you mean they are a year and a half? It would be a lot easier if people would only use the age-in-months thing for the first year.
Further more; If you ask me.... I think children's clothes should run in pounds instead of months. Take Baby Tom (who is an adorable 15 lbs); he is wearing 6-9 months! I always appreciate when I see the weight limit on a garment. :)

More BABY TOM and FAMILY pics for you LUCKY PEOPLE!!!

We've got 10 more pounds of use out of this this swing. Hopefully by then he'll graduate to the bouncer or walker....
Uh oh... trying to get a picture with his cute hat....
Wait for it....
Ka chow!
Here is a picture of something that I have yet to understand.... Blanche will plant herself on this rug EVERY TIME we are working at the sink.... and EVERY TIME she gets stepped on or splashed on (accidentally of coarse) and yet nothing changes! I-yi!
You just don't know how cute you are!
My sis, Stephanie came to visit us. Here they are getting to know eachother. :)
I will always cherish this picture!
And this one too! These boys will sit and smile at eachother, it just makes me melt all over the floor.
Tom kitten!
A day at the POOL!
tired out. haha
Cheerful after a nap :)
haha... he'll grow into his board shorts.
Little Tom is approximately: One Blanche long.
Ooooooh! See what I mean? Cuuuute!
And you betcha, we love to coo at eachother!
Blanche and Baby Tom on the other hand.... don't quite share those dreamy stares at eachother.
This pic is for our troops! THANK YOU AND WE APPRECIATE YOU!
Thanks Aunt Stephanie for indulging him in his camo-copter jammies!

Baby Tom's Infant Pictures

We had some infant pictures taken of Baby Tom. I think they came out completely adorable! As I was loading all these pictures it was fun looking back... and a little emotional. He has grown so much and so fast. I am enjoying every phase and I love watching him change day to day.

These were taken on September 4th; he was just shy of 2 weeks

And these were taken on September 16th; 3 1/2 weeks old. His little squirrel outfit he was wearing 1 1/2 weeks earlier was too little! I couldn't believe it.

Here are some of the unedited pictures that I love.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Do you remember last year when it was 9/9/09? I do, and life is A LOT different on 10/10/10. There are some things that have changed completely and some things are just the same as they were a year ago....
So, what's new and what's different? Read on my friends...

Tomm found a website with cool games... with lots of cool games. This one is our favorite it's called Castle Crusher 2. haha
Still having fun together... My love gets deeper and deeper. XOXO
Sweet baby!
Being on his stomach helps to settle him down. He has been very colicky in the last month.
We owe a lot of the changes to this little bundle of joy. He loves it outside!
Very content walking around the pool with his Dad.
Our new glorious fridge!!! Oh, the space!
Ok listen how cute Purrl is.... so she has always loved these little toy mice. She will carry them around in her mouth, sleep with them, give them baths. Well, since we've had Baby Tom, she will carry one around when I am carrying him around. She will bring one in the bed when I have him in the bed. It is so adorable! So here she is surrounded by babies. haha
She tucked one in to bed inside my shoe :)
Is there anything yummier than a freshly bathed baby?
He's my sunshine boy!
His shirt reads "I'm no cry baby". He just has a bad stomach sometimes.
He loves to lie here on our bathroom vanity!
Who says shopping for a boy isn"t fun? Check out his camo romper and itty bitty sneakers!
Good times!We love to make faces in the mirror throughout the day. I'm so exited that I captured his big open mouth grin! So cuuuuuute!
Purrl sniffing baby! She is always watching him and follows us around....
... the other two kitties couldn't be more inconvenienced... all the good sleeping spots are taken or off limits.
Mine and Big Tomm's favorite shoe purchase!
Happy to be in the outdoors.
The serious face... he is actually grunting here but he often has a similar expression when he looks like he is studying something intently. haha
And this video makes me melt all over!

So that's a glimpse of what life is like as of 10/10/10. I love my boys!!! Thank you Lord!