Monday, March 26, 2012


We have been busily preparing for Baby Jack with several projects around the house.  I get so exited thinking about meeting him in just 6 weeks (or less).
 We decided to move Little T into a "big boy" room and keep the boys in separate rooms until Jack is walking and old enough that they can share a room.  This has been my funnest project lately; getting the boys' rooms ready!/

Little T's BIG boy room 
he is soo proud of his room! He often grunts in the doorway trying to get everyone to come in and be with him.  He will lead us in the room, turn around and sit on the carpet and look at us like "what do you want to do first?"  He is so sweet and wants to share his room with us and everyone who comes over :)
Big boy in his rocking chair snuggling with his dog "Ne" (he named his dog himself... it's pronounced like net, without the T.  Everytime we ask him what his dog's name is, he says "Ne".  LOL!)
I love how his name on the wall turned out... I covered some cardboard letters with camo scrapbook paper.  It's soo him!
  Below that is a magnetic chalkboard, I've been teaching him shapes and colors and it's perfect for hanging his pictures.  The storage bins have been working great for his clothes, and he hasn't tried to climb it... yet.
Look at him! 
He loves to open and look out the window...
Watching his daddy mow the grass.
I hung glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling.  They are his favorite topic of conversation when the lights go off at bedtime.  haha
He is getting so good at recognizing shapes and colors :}
Cheese! What a little cutie!
Tool bench/ book shelf.  He just pours over all his books and likes to go through them over and over.  Our bedtime routine is quite long some nights :)
Jack's Nursery
I kept the original decor in the nursery.  I love the animals and it is so sweet for a baby.  I did want to add a few things and make it personal for Jack.
I also displayed Jack's name with some cardboard letters covered in different colored papers.  I love the way it looks!
Flashback during the nursery remodel... Tom squeezing in the swing for old time's sake.

Tom climbing and modeling the window and new toy chest.
The crib and night stand all stocked up with freshly washed baby clothes and blackets. The knobs on the drawers are removed because SOMEONE likes to open and empty out all the contents... hint, it's not me or Big Tomm.
I found this adorable vinyl tree for the wall.  It's so colorful and looks so cute with all the other decor.
Little T rediscovering his old baby toys and making sure these toys are interesting enough for his baby bro.  Haha
A very pregnant me! I am so happy to be pregnant and also very ready to be unpregnant!
Big Tomm's Nesting too...
he is busily getting things around the house and yard ready.  One of the first items of business was to build a fence.  Little T is a wild boy who needs boundaries when he is outside.  A fence has helped with giving him a little more freedom to walk with out me hovering like a helicoper... don't worry, we are still on his heels thanks to the pesky FIRE ANTS who are stubborn about leaving our yard after Big Tomm's several poisoning treatments.

A wood/chainlink style along the front...
 chainlink on the side...
and an all wood privacy fence along the back.  Finally the canal and the gators who live in the canal are  less of a worry to me. 

To protect the fence there are these huge steel posts on either side of the driveway in case the little woman (me) or any of my mommy friends, who can't pull out or back out properly (our neighbor suggested the scenario and I like to tease him about it).  
Soon Big Tomm will put up the electric gate and it will be done and glorious!
Randy greeting me as I am taking the pictures.  My belly is in every foot shot now :)
Now rolling in the dirt.
Taking a walk before dinner.  We love the longer evenings since the daylight savings time change!!!
Tomm also put in a new garage door opener, it's so quiet now!
Test test and look at Little Tom... he wants to do everything his daddy does.
Modeling the new improved lighting!
A keypad! We didn't have one before.  Now I don't have to take my keys when we go for walks during the day.
The old garage door opener is history:(
So speaking of FIRE ANTS... Little T stepped in one of their mounds the other day.  I feel awful about it! I know what 1 bite feels like, I can't imagine what he has gone through.  He seemed unaffected by the whole incident even when the ants were on him, he didn't cry once... the past few days, he would occasionally talk about his "boo boo" and would point to either his foot or his skinned up knee.  He's a tough little bugger!.  I counted 13 bites! I gave him some Benedryl and thanks to my mother in law's advise, I used white vinegar to take the sting out.  
Grrr... those ants are in big trouble!