Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day was very special this year.  We started the day hosting a "Mommy & Me" party at our house.  It was so much fun hanging out with the other moms (and 1 dad) and babies.

The weather was in the high 80's so we were able to enjoy the patio during lunch.
Alia and Little Tali munching her snacks.  Doesn't she look so cute in her Valentine dress?
Tom's not the only one who loves the rocking horse... it was bucking the entire time!
Alexander practicing going up and down the step over and over.  haha
My makeshift ball pit... the original had a slide attached to it, but Little T volunteered a safety test and ended up tipping the whole thing over and bumping his head on the tile floor... so I put it away before anyone arrived for the party.
Soon to be Little T's bedroom is turned into an extra playroom for now.

Tom and a little girl making eyes at eachother through the glass.
Jacob, Aiden and Tom playing together... before I took this picture they were all sitting in a row playing with the same toy.  It was adorable!
Lori and Aiden who is loving the cupcakes.
Natalia and Jacob, what a precious picture of Jacob hugging the baby in Mommy's belly.  Natalia is due with another boy the first part of March!
Little T with his horsey.  I think he had a really fun day with his friends over.  He is so cute, I love and enjoy him so much!!!
 Big Tomm sent me a very sweet valentine! I was so surprised and I loved it!!! 
Little T has a nice cushy seat (belly) to sit on when I am holding him now.  I can't believe in a couple months we are going to be able to meet this baby! I can't wait :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

South Florida Fair 100 Years!

January came and went and now here it is the middle of February! I'm starting to think maybe I don't have plenty of time to do everything I hoped to accomplish before our little boy (due the first part of May) gets here.  The blog is just another of many things being trumped by my need to nest and get ready for him :)
So the South Florida Fair happens every year at the end of January and we always go and have a blast.  This year was even funner than the last! The theme of the fair this year was "100 years".  So to celebrate their 100th birthday they had all their best of the best attractions and we got to experience most of them.

Our first activity on our "Fair Bucket List"; get a picture with the adorable sea lions! They are soooo cute and so photogenic.  What a cute family picture and souvenir!
Here they are posing and ready to do their part in the show.  Cuuuute!
Swimming up for some attention or maybe a fish treat.  Believe you me, they work for their treats!
Another picture BEFORE the show started... the crowd of people during the show was unbelievable so we didn't get any good pictures.  Little T was sleeping during the show so we tried to pick a spot away from the mass of people and tucked ourselves away into an inconspicuous corner.  When the show started it seemed everyone had the same idea as us.  There we were enjoying ourselves when this crazy lady tried to stand on a chair next to our sleeping baby so she could get a better view of the show...  I guess she's never seen America's Funniest Home Videos and what happens to people who try to stand on chairs.  I was worried she was going to fall or get pushed right on top of Little T.  Tomm finally had to tell her to beat it and go stand on a chair by someone else (Me asking nicely more than once wasn't working).  The show was amazing despite me getting my feathers ruffled by some inconsiderate people.  haha

The Stunt Dog Show!
trying to keep Little T on our laps before the show started was a workout for us :)

Ferrari, the dog standing on his trainer's back.
Going in to catch the frisbie...
She was so fast and focused.
Another dog getting swung around.  Haha
and weaving through the trainer's legs as he walked.
Little T finally sitting still and watching the show.
A cute pic of a very fast doggie
Walking on his front legs.
And here is Harley! It's amazing that a dog that big can jump so high.
A pic of him landing one of his jumps.
This was taken at just the right moment, haha.
He loved it!
Moved to a shady spot... it was much too hot up on the bleachers. 
The cow tent!
I felt SO welcome in this tent with my big belly.  Haha
A baby bull.  Adorable!
Taking it easy :)
The Culinary Competition...
I entered the cooking competition this year and got 2nd place.  It was a lot of fun! I made a buffalo chicken pizza :)
A pic with some of the judges.

Tomm took a picture of this hovercraft.    I know he has already figured out how to build one.  I won't be at all surprised to find him and Little T soaring around our house on one in the near future.  Haha!
The Petting Zoo
Loading up Little T's hand with carrots for the goats.
The goats are always ready to eat.  haha
Little T was pretty apprehensive about having his hands near the chomping mouths.
The arena of goats.
Idn't she sweeet?
My favorite boys in their matching outfits :)
Chickens have sooo much personality, we love them! Too bad they are so stinky :(
Doesn't it make you want to stick your finger in the cage just to see what happens?
He doesn't look so bad! Haha
Some cute geese.
A curly chicken.
A greasy, I mean shiny chicken.
Yay for pillowhead chickens!
and a fluffy bottom too :)
"What're you lookin at preggers?"
Salt, Pepper and wait for it.....
fluffy feet!!!
"Who're you callin chubby?"
Only babies and chickens can make "thunder thighs" look adorable.
The MOO- TERNITY tent.
Any minute now...
This calf was born just 3 hours before I took this picture.  SOoo sweet!
Other calves that were born earlier that week.
The Baby Beautiful Contest!
A lot of Tom's friends also entered the contest this year.  They were in good spirits for this picture but the judging process took soooo long this year that it was hard to keep our busy boys happy in their strollers the whole time.  I think this was our last year entering this contest.
Micheal took home a trophy for Cutest Boy!!!
Big Tomm and Little Tom up on stage before the judges.  I am so proud!!!
Look how cute they are!
He is the cutest baby to me and Big Tomm!
I don't think he appreciated the sign and is obviously upset about it.
As we were looking at all the different rabbits, we noticed that a few resembled our cats... 

This one reminded me of Randy...
This one not only had Blanche's coloring, it was sleeping in Blanche's preferred position. 
This one all balled up, looked like Purrl...
and it even had a toy close by, just like Purrl always seems to have a toy near her.
I got to hold a baby chick! Again, if it weren't for their smell, we'd have a whole yard full ;)
Look at all of them.
Lori and Aiden had so much fun at the Petting Zoo too!
We were only able to take Tom on 2 rides.  Bummer! But he loved them both and I'm glad he was able to ride them.
On the Circus Train with Dad :)
On the "Central Park" car.  He had a grin on the whole time.
Hi Mom!!!