Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Pitter Patter Of Little T...

Sometimes it's stealth, other times it stampede! Little T is an expert cruiser and any day now he is going to be an expert walker (he's still a little wobbly). I'm sure he is already making a list of all the things and places he is going to explore that have been out of reach in the past. You all should see our house... it's completely transformed from adult into a baby cage. Haha

Hell on wheels!

expert door opener
Purrl is our only kitty that likes to be in Little T's company. She's such a little mother to babies.
Life is rough.

Riding the carousel like a big boy. I couldn't resist taking him on it. He LOVED it obviously and even held on to the pole with both hands. Haha

Little T's buddy, Aiden and Lori rode with us.

Posing for Mama and showing Zoe how charming he is. Such a beautiful smile!

Baby in the tub. Is there anything cuter?

"Now who's on the business end of the bulb syeringe?"

My water baby :)

Mealtime is the longest time of the day... each bite takes 10 minutes.

3 words... postive mental attitude.

...sometimes it's just too exhausing for everyone.

... but most the time it's a lot of fun!

Proudly standing without support.

A great view of what once was our couch... it's now a baby arena. I got these mats for the tile at Pep Boys and I'm so glad... he's had countless wipeouts while taking those baby steps.

Ahhhh! What a gorgeous boy!

I got this wagon at a consignment shop for $20!!! He LOVES riding in it. That extra seat is handy, so hopefully we will be growing into it in the near future :)

There's that delicious smile! Showing off all his teeth.

Just incase the last picture wasn't cute enough for ya... I've got backup cuteness.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Babyhood Buds

At this point in the game Little T's personality is really shining through all the time. He is ACTIVE, curious, cheerful, willful, assertive, observant and he likes to test the limits of all things. Any day now he is going to be walking. Lastnight he actually took a step backwards. It's so exiting!!!
Tom also has quite a circle of friends. There are several little boys whom he sees and spends time with each week. I think Tom is even starting to recognize a few of the kids. Particularly, Kyle. Tom and Kyle are both rough and tumble. They bulldoze eachother, sit on eachother and grab/pinch eachother to stand up without a peep.... not every baby appreciates this (Tom tried to sit on a little girl's lap the other day and she bit him in the back. Haha... he just looked at her like "What was that for?") It's obvious that Tom and Kyle have an understanding. Even if they start out across the room from one another they always end up gravitating toward eachother.

Big boys: Tom and Kyle. Tom is a month older and they are about the same size. This day they just happened to have on the same outfit, SO cute! :)
An example of some friendly grabbing/pinching. It's how they bond.
Holding hands. How sweet!
Making lots of noise.
On the teeter toter. Me with Tom(who is coveting that blue ball) and Stephanie with Kyle. Stephanie and I have become close friends. She is so fun to be around, I just love her!
And here is Aiden. Calmest baby EVER! He and Tom are so different but they always love to play together. Aiden doesn't mind his wild ways.
Target reached: Kyle found an unsecured object to pull up on. They have an ability to track down the most dangerous items in a room.
Tom, screaming baby jibberish into the echoey tube.
Tom and Kyle taking on the shark filled, foam mountains. Icheewahwah!
Meanwhile Aiden is happy in one spot, discovering a fishy.
Another of Tom's buds; Micheal. He is such a sack of sugar!
Stephanie, Me and Lori with our precious bundles. What a fun day!!!
Another day: Here we are at the Library for Baby Storytime. Tom and Kyle sitting on the ABC rug.
Kyle getting some shuteye. Isn't he adorable?!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

made in the USA

One day I was looking through all mine and Little T's clothes because I was curious of how much of it was American made. Little T didn't have anything that looked very patriotic to wear for the 4th of July. Now, buying a product in the USA that was actually made in the USA is harder and more expensive than I thought it would be. Well, I did end up finding an adorable outfit for him to wear. It felt good to buy it and know that it was made in the USA.
We had so much fun celebrating the 4th! I kept obsessing over how we were going to spend the holiday. I really wanted it to be special since it was Little T's first. I was really wrestling with the idea of us all going to see fireworks somewhere but was worried about taking him out in the crowds and I thought maybe he might get scared of the noise ( he used to hate the blender, which was awful because I had to run it all the time to puree his food... now for some reason, he likes the blender). So I got a bunch of fireworks from Costco and we had a little party at home instead. He wasn't scared at all; he LOVED the fireworks!
We are so proud of our country and feel so thankful to be able to raise Little T here in America. God has blessed us SO much!

Ahh! What a pair.
Modeling his new outfit.
Big T's shirt wasn't made in the USA but it's a Budweiser shirt, Please!
I can't ever get enough of this!!!
Ahh HA! Caught on tape! Big T always gets Little T riled up while he's in his highchair.... we are working on table manners. haha. I let it slide this time.
Everyone's ready for the big event!
See, he loved it!
He was thrilled! He would look at the fire and then look at me and shriek. SO cute!
It was a blast!
My favorite people :)