Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Noon Year!

We brought the New Year in a little differently this year.  We went to Downtown At The Gardens for "Noon Years Eve".  It was a lot of fun and a gorgeous day to be outside walking around.  
Waiting for the big countdown to Noon :) Little T has had more exiting moments...
Lori trying to get Aiden pumped up for the moment.  He didn't look convinced. 
Micheal wasn't very impressed either... I think he was counting on staying up late to celebrate (his shirt says "My bedtime is on vacation")
A cute family shot of us :)
 Little T was debating a nap but may have perked up just a little when he saw the trackless choo choo train riding by... here he is checking it out.
We went to A Latte Fun to get things rolling... this was the turning point for all the boys.  Once inside the playground, they were all back to their normal energy levels.
Little T is back!
Action shot!
Bliss on the carousel! Making the pretty/ nice horsey sound at the horsey.
Back home and partying it up while getting ready to party later.
Helping Mama make pie and Chex Mix.
Hugs Xoxo
Fireworks before bedtime :)
So pretty!
Fed up with difficult fuses, Tom speeding up the lighting process.  Blowtorch 1: Matches 0
Little T wanting to have a go at it.
Enjoying the show.  Mommy and Daddy are pretty good entertainers.
A pic with Pops... they look like best buds, don't they?!
Mama loves you!
After Little T went to sleep, Big Tom and I stayed up late and hung out together.  We had snacks and played the Wii.  It was a perfect night!

Happy New Year! Me, Little T and the Fire Truck at church the next morning.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Countdown To Christmas

This really is the most wonderful time of the year! Getting ready for Christmas was a blast with Little T.  We did so many fun things as a family.  

Decorating for Christmas! I unboxed every decoration this year... I wanted the house to look special for Little T.  He LOVED looking at the lights and decorations.  He would often run over to the tree and point at it, making his pretty sound (Ooooo!).
Making the pretty sound at the lights.  Haha
All our Christmas cards hung up.
The fireplace all decorated and fenced off... it was too much for Little T, he wanted to climb and get those stockings.
A cute picture of me with both of my babies :) So sweet!
Visiting Santa Claus...
We either got really lucky this day or Little T wasn't scared of Santa after all.  He was so good for all the pictures and Santa was SO sweet to Tom and even gave him a bouncy ball with a light inside.
So cute!

Mommy even got to get in a picture too :)

Christmas party at our house :)
Some of Little T's baby friends came over for a Christmas playdate.  It was soo cute and we had a blast.  Tom had so much fun with the other kids and I of course love getting together with the other Moms.
The cars were a big hit....
The house was a popular toy too :)
Aiden standing and taking steps.  Yay!
Me and Bubba

Tali with her Mommy, Alia.

This doggy got dragged around the whole time.

At the party we made some cute Christmas crafts.  It was really fun and they turned out so cute.
 Picture frame blocks.
The back and sides had coordinating papers to decorate the rest of the block.
It all started as a piece of wood from Home Depot.  Tomm cut out and sanded all the pieces for us.
 Ain't he somethin?!!!
Group picture! We had such a fun time :
Pancake Breakfast With The GRINCH!
We went to a charity breakfast supporting the American Cancer Society.  As you can see, the Grinch was pretty scary looking so Little T wanted no part of standing by him in the picture... Big Tomm had to buffer the situation and he was holding on to me SO tight.  We got such a cute picture! 
 The hotel was right on the beach so Tomm took Little T down by the shore and let him explore.  He LOVES the ocean!

Digging for treasure.
Sooo bright.
The 3 of us by the Grinch tree.
Winter Wonderland At Gymboree
Aiden and Tom in the boat.
Tom on the ski slope.  haha
Bubble snow storm.
Pop pop pop
One last trip down the slide before we go home :)
*I think our Gymboree days are almost over :(... or atleast they will be changing.  Little T seems to be getting bored of "circle time" and would rather play more independently.  He'd rather just go to the park and climb around on the playground.  Pretty soon, I might sign him up for the Art classes instead of the "play and learn" classes.   I have LOVED taking him to Gymboree and I hope to do it with Baby #2 as well :) 
Christmastime At Yesteryear Village.
We met some friends down at the fairgrounds to see the decorations for Christmas.  It was GORGEOUS and Little T loved all the lights.  They had Christmas music playing and yummy treats everywhere (I shamelessly ate a huge pretzel) 
This tree was 30 feet tall and so pretty :)
Tom taking it all in.
Family shot.
Lori and Aaron with Aiden.
Christmas Eve!
Little T and I went to church that afternoon.  It was such a beautiful and emotional service :)

Lori and Aiden with Grandma visiting for Christmas.
Tom loved the snow! After every service it snowed in the Children's ministry.    
Trying for a close up but Little T was very interested in the machine used to clean up the snow.  Haha
A cute picture of Tom playing on the fire engine in the Nursery.
Back at home.... getting everything ready for Christmas Day.
Santa stopped by and dropped off a few things :) 
The house had been hidden for a few weeks... time to reintroduce it :)
Cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.
We were SOOO exited for the next morning! We had so much fun "getting ready for Santa to come".  I could hardly sleep because I was so exited.
Christmas Morning!
Check out these cute videos of Little T...

Gathering on the couch to open presents.
Still loving the bubble wrap.
So fun!
Helping Mommy open a gift.
It's the Cricut Expression!!!
Bubba sneaking a bite of paper while opening a present.  Haha
Dad had to step in and finish the job.  What is it?...

It's the Laurie Berkner Band DVD... it's not so bad.

Ok, it's pretty bad.  As you can see, Tom LOVES it!

New clothes for Big Tomm.
Blanche doesn't like being kept waiting... not sure why we're not catering to her in and out-ness this morning.
The Wild Card cartridge for my new Cricut!
Yay! Gift card to Outback Steakhouse.  
Still watching attentively.

A personalized calendar for the office with all our latest family pictures.
Bubba opening a gift from Grandy and Grandpa Simmons
It's a toy engine! He loves it!
A pedicure spa.  I can't wait to pamper myself with this :)
Little T still playing with his engine.
Santa really got Big Tomm good this year! A bluetooth headset.  Woot woot!
Giddy Up!!!