Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tomm's New Wheels and Whitney's New Shoes

Spring is here; FINALLY! We don't expect a ton of sympathy but we had an unseasonably cold first quarter... like low 30's... that's below freezing! So now that we are back in shorts and tank tops we have been more productive in the outdoors and a lot more photogenic! Here are the highlights of our goings on....

Whitney's New Shoes
We bought some new tires for my Jeep a couple of weeks ago. I was so exited about getting them! Tomm had them face the whitewalls which I think looks awesome.Driving in the rain never made me nervous when I lived anywhere else. But here in FL, it's so flat that the water just pools on the roads making it dangerous to drive. So I am feeling more secure about driving around especially when I get caught in one of our infamous rainstorms.

Here is a pic after Tomm washed my car for me. Glorious!

Tomm's New Wheels
From a Corvette to a fixr upr riding lawn mower... and look at that smile. Tomm had been tinkering with/swearing at/improving this lawn mower for a few days until he got it running and working properly.

Here he is about the take the maiden voyage. Cheers! (it comes with a cup holder)This picture amazes me how he can take what looks like to me as a pile of brown/greyish/not pretty metal and know what it does and where it goes.
The impossible belt assembly.... this is where most the swearing occurred.
The sweet dash. (Like this shot honey? haha)
Adjusting the belt tension? I think...
Mower deck on and ready to cut some grass. What a stud!
Me and my belly enjoying the outdoors.
Our New Walking Path
Flashback almost a year ago... Shut up!
We added some new landscaping and Tomm re mulched the flower beds. Gorgeous!
The grasses where transplanted to the island.
Blanche eating the palm tree.
Blanche eating the grass.
Randy striking a dominant pose.
Purrl exploring cautiously.
Landscaping Lights
So this was a very exiting/ambitious/pain in the a$$ project for Tomm. Well worth it! I wish my camera would capture this scene right.
Not only does it look amazing but you can actually see around the yard at night if we have walk out there.... I always felt scared that a giant animal was going to eat me. haha!