Sunday, March 28, 2010

Half Time

We can't believe that we are half way through this pregnancy! I must say I am glad of it... I can't wait to meet our baby!
I'll start with a was tragic/now funny story... So, a few weeks ago I went to get a "trim". I usually cut my hair myself but occasionally I will go and have it done "professionally" because they have a better angle than I do (at least I thought they would). So I asked the lady to give me a trim and that I wanted "2 inches taken off everywhere". Well I guess she heard me say that I wanted... "7 inches off the back and don't even trim the layers and while you're at it, go ahead and make the front uneven". Think DUTCHBOY for a visual. (I know, horror!)
Every stylist does it differently and I am not one to boss so I just read my trashy magazine. When she got done I noticed the front was uneven and that was the first time I reached up to touch my hair and then I felt around the back and it was all gone! I looked at the floor and there was enough for a locks of love donation.
All I could do was cry (SO not what I do) and it was a scene... the manager came over and tried to style it. I felt so lame to be so upset and you could tell the lady felt really bad. I couldn't get out of there fast enough.
I called Natalie first and balled to her and then I called Tomm and balled to him. They both assured me it was okay and that it will grow back and in the mean time I could "flat iron it to make it look longer". haha
I sulked about it for a few more hours and then put it in a ponytail. I didn't touch it for 2 days and waited for some inspiration on how to fix it....
All evened up and ready for some color. So here is a view of the back after I put some layers back into it.
Since the color doesn't touch the scalp when you use foils, my doctor said that I can only highlight my hair while I am pregnant,.See me peeking around that foil. Not easy. Haha
Hey honey! (See that little belly)
Having way to much fun at his wife's expense.
Multi tasking while my color sits.
Purrl and Blanche slapping each other through the glass. Blanche won this time.
Fluff pot
Smushy face
My handsome boys.
Our angel
We had a Doctor appointment last Monday and we got to take another look inside to see how little bop is doing. There has been SO much development since the last time we went! Also when the baby would move on the screen I could feel the movements inside. It was so sweet!
Little kicking foot!
Face and chest. Beautiful bone structure I must say!
This is our baby's favorite position. Every time I go for an ultrasound he/she is facing down.
Bringing home the CRIB!
We found the crib at We decided to go with the color white because we already have some white/off white furniture that we will be using in the nursery. Now the only other piece of furniture we need to buy is a glider. The crib was a great price for all it includes... attached changing table, drawers and it also converts to both a toddler and youth bed, so it will last awhile.
Start the timer....
As you can see; very easy to assemble.
Changing table attached!
Making short work of bottom drawers... drill not included.
Proud Mommy standing by the finished product (Only 1 hour to assemble)!
Blanche playing in the wonderland of papers and boxes. Haha!