Friday, March 25, 2011

I Work Out.

So we recently enrolled Little Tom at My Gym... a gym for babies and kids.
He is in the Tiny Tykes (6-13 months) class. The class is an hour long and it's never the same. We do exercises a little gymnastics, sing songs, listen to a puppet story, play on swings and slides and they even have a zipline!
There are a lot of other babies to play with and watch... mostly they just try to grab at each other's face and take one another's toy. Haha. All us Moms just laugh and try to keep our little ones in line.
I usually take him to his class on Thursdays but the other week I scheduled a Saturday class so that Big Tomm could be with us. We had the best time!
I love to watch him play and help him explore and I can tell Little Tom is having fun. That's what it's all about!

Doing a nice pushup.
Align CenterRolling in the tunnel
Making friends on the parachute. The little girl in green grabbed Tom's face and he grabbed hers. I guess that's the secret handshake of babies.
haha! So charming!
Yay! Pops is here!
He makes this face when he is very interested in something.
JOY! The ball pit.
Sliding out of the ball pit.
Takin on the bigger slide. Bring on the danger!
"Oh, I'm DEFINITELY trying that next!"
Did I mention trampolines?
Dad spotting him in his somersault.
Success! Now he is trying to sit up. Good job!
Working on balance; walking the plank.
"This is fun and all buuuut.... "
Made it to the padded cage.
Ready to do whatever comes next.
Trying to pull out of the hole....
Oops lost focus... more interested in the logo.
Ninja splits
Riding the train swing.
The rollercoaster!!!
He loved it!
Time to swing!
Haha! and teething on his shirt.
On the dumptruck.
Mr. Independent. No hands.
Little Tomm is always ready to help do anything I am doing. In fact he is wanting to help me type. Here is his first blog entry: kmol.iunobkjaz bhbhbp.
He even pushed the period at the end... so clever! Haha

Saturday, March 19, 2011

This And That

The pool temp is now 80 degrees! Last weekend it was only mid seventies, but we got in anyway. Burrrr! Tomm actually swam around and I got in for a split second to cool off.

Here's Little T exploring a bottle of water.
First pool pic of the season. A float and beer help to ease into it.
Wearing sunglasses on his head just like Dad does.
Too cool!
Cooing at Dad as we were out for a walk.
These next two pictures are so dear to me. He really is the cutest baby I have ever seen!
He is my sunshine!
Check out Tomm's new DO. I love some highlights in his hair!

Where's Your Green?

In our home, if you dare not to wear green on St. Patrick's Day you are going to get a pinching you'll never forget. Just ask Tomm Sr.... who aloof and green-less was begging me for mercy in the end. Haha!

Here's Sunshine with his lucky shirt on.
"Wait for it..." We have a lot of squirmy shots lately. haha
...and we're standing. Sooo cute huh!!!
Pretty full moon.
He's smiling because it's going to be so funny when Daddy gets pinched. haha
Randy, who is very intuitive, knows he'd better get some green on and fast.
This platter serves everyone.
"So... what are you guys going to eat?"
"Try to pinch me, see what happens!" Saved by green eyes.
The tired face. He loves his music giraffe to snuggle and kiss.

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Easy Money

What would you do for 20 bucks?
Perhaps, wear a mop (nevermind where it's been) on your head and pose for a few pictures?
The other morning Tomm was getting ready to leave for work. When I asked him if he had some cash for lunch... he said "Yeah, I made 20 bucks for putting a mop on my head". I was laughing hysterically picturing it!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Any Day Now

Any day now the pool is going to be canonball ready. My secret to my perfect canonball is pool temperature (mid 80's for me)... it might throw off your groove if you have "this is gonna be so cold!" thoughts in your head as you go from point A to B.
Tomm and I have started a evening ritual of taking Little T for a walk when he gets home from work. We like to walk to the next street over because of it's abundance in animal activity. One of the neighbors has a yard full of goats and another has a yard full of cats. Perfect!
We are also so exited to set our clocks ahead an hour this weekend. Yay for longer days!
Woot woot!!!

Me and my squirmy boy sitting by the pool. As you can see he has lots of energy... I can't wait to take him in the water. I think he is going to LOVE it.
What a handsome pair. Aren't I lucky?!!
Chomp chomp.
The yard of goats. Taking it easy.
"Y'all! We got company!"
Coming over to check us out.
Sniff sniff. This goat was the only one with a collar and he was proud of it.
Cause goats get itchy... dragging himself along the fence. Hilarious to watch!