Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Little T's New Toy

 Big Tomm and I are about to lose our minds. Lately our little climber has taken to new heights and is obsessed with the couch.  He climbs up, he runs, he jumps and occasionally he falls.  
At first, we tried to keep him away from the couch but the more we tried, the more he wanted to climb it.  Tomm put mats on the tile floor around the front side this last weekend to ease the impact of falling a bit... what else can we do? He is learning quickly to be more careful around the edges and how to dismount objects more safely....  and we are learning quickly just what his climbing ability is capable of.  Ahhhhh.
 Grrrr! I'm a BOY!
 So cute!
 Running into and falling on the cushions.
 Unzipping the pillows to get into the batting (he chews it like gum.  Haha)
 Nap time?... You're not fooling anyone, Bubba.  
 Taking a break to watch a song on his movie.
... favorite part is over, time to get up and be wild.