Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bees In The Beehive

After the three of us visited Tomm's family in Fairview, OK, Little T and I went on to Salt Lake City, UT to visit my family. We had a blast! It was so great to see my Parents and Sibs and I even got to see my Grandma who came down from Pocatello, ID. Little T had only ever met his Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Stephanie so everyone else was anxious to get hold of him. The weather was all over the board! A few days were so beautiful and sunny and the others were pretty cold and rainy. Tomm Sr had to get back home for work so he didn't make it to Utah with us :(. It was the first time that the 3 of us had been apart since Jr was born and we all were homesick for eachother! I am so glad that we took this trip to see both sides of our family! We made so many lasting memories that I will always cherish.

Ahhh the Mountains! Is that snow? It's almost June!
Bundled up for a walk... "Why is my nose cold?"
Nice and toasty again. The boys all took right to each other! There were moments that Tom would just gaze at and covet what Drake and Logan were doing.
This Is The Place Heritage Park... experience the Old West the way it was.

The famous monument. It marks the approximate location where the Mormon Pioneers first entered the Salt Lake Valley in 1847 after traveling 1,300 miles. Brigham Young (the leader of the Mormon church at the time) stopped his carriage after surveying the desert valley near the shores of the Great Salt Lake, declared, "This is the right place."
It was built a hundred years later on July 24, 1947 from when they first took their place in Utah. The sculpture is of Brigham Young and two of his colleagues standing on top a 60-foot pedestal overlooking the Valley. It was really pretty!
A full view. The monument also recognizes the early Spanish explorers and missionaries, the fur trappers and the ill-fated Donner-Reed party.
A beautiful view of the Valley and the distant mountains.
Another pretty view and Natalie and Drake playing on the grass. So cute!
Drake picking flowers for Mom and Aunt "Woody" (me). Haha
My flower! What a gentlemen!
My beautiful boy showing off his adorable legs.Hogle Zoo
Let the fun begin!
Natalie by the big rig (it only took her one try to park that enormous truck!) and looking very pretty in white.
Utah caters to Moms
Squeezing in a little shut eye as we load up for the Zoo.
Refreshed and very interested in the front fountain.
Drake and Logan having a look too. Nat was so smart to dress them alike!
A picture of us all... Logan, Drake, Natalie, Lil T and Me :)
Natalie and Logan on the big elephant. Every so often a big noise comes blowing through the trunk.
Drake wasn't so sure about all the noise... the air compressor was a bit hissy.
Get ready for it Bubba.... Ahhhh!
Cooling off with some yummy icecream. He hated it obviously.
I think it's so cute how different the boys are... Drake, not one drop of icecream on him. Logan, it was all over him. Natalie and I will always remember this pit stop at the Zoo. HAHA!
Ahhhh! T Rex!!!!
The boys trying to intimidate the brute...
...and here's Tom giving that Dino his fiercest roar. HAHA!
The three of them handled every beast that crossed our path.
Looking down on a little creek that winds through the Zoo grounds.
We saw SO many animals! We even saw Wolves! Little Tom seemed the most interested in the Tiger and the Dinosaurs. Haha

Some beautiful Giraffe.
The Tiger! So pretty!
Going for some shade.
Now there's a typical cat for ya.
He loved watching the big kitty!
Everyone loved the Tiger drinking fountain.
The Wolves. My favorite, they are so beautiful!!!
I always love to see Bald Eagles. They are so majestic!
By far the cutest baby at the Zoo!
Doesn't he look like such a big boy? Holding on to the tray and smiling his new signature smile for the picture. Haha, Oh, Bubba!
... and then he put his feets up on the tray. So cute!
A pretty view of Mountains.
The Rhino. Drake to Little T: "Do you see him, do you love him?"
Looking at and reading about the Elephants.
Everyone was crowded around trying to see the baby Elephant. She was ADORABLE! She kept gathering up a big trunk load of grass and carting it off to eat.
Snubbed. This Elephant was all ready for the pictures but everyone wanted to see the baby.

A Camel taking it easy.
Me having a blast with my little boy!
Monkeys! SO mischievious!
Ducklings!!!!! So fluffy and cute!
The Kinect....
Getting it set up... Tom was really eyeballing Grant.
Playing with a new toy.
Getting ready to watch the action.
The boys playing the Kinect!
Natalie is good at EVERYTHING!
Team Grant and Drake takin on the action.
Natty kickin Grant's A.
Ah! Best friends!
Drake sleeping on the job... I had to double time it.
This is one of many ways to play with a golf club. Pounding the doors shut.
He cried everytime I tried to lift him out of this swing.
"What is this furry object everyone keeps trying to wrap me in?" We don't use blankets in FL.
Recharge with some apple juice.
How does this thing go?
Time to explore the lawn...
Watch me roll
and back
I'm here all day long.
Rolling /slapping the car around.
Kody loved to be near the new baby!
Can he get any cuter?!
That's attractive, Kody!
One day we all went to lunch at Wingers... sticky fingers and asphalt pie, PLEASE!
Great Grandma Jensen with my baby! It was so special to me that they got to finally meet.
Andre, Trevor, Joyce and Little T. So cute!

Bonding over a bottle of bubbles.
Me with my nephews! They call me "Woody". Haha
Natty with her boys on the glorious lawn swing!
Hint hint... Kody coveting our freedom from fences.
My parent's house. The yard was so pretty and nice!
Playing with a flower.
With my cousin, Michelle. She and her daughter were in town from Pocatello, ID and came over to see all of us.
Walking to the park. Tom LOVED watching his cousins, Drake and Logan!
Little T had two very informative guides. They were helping introduce him to many new sights.
Drake on the big boy swing.
Logan exploring the tunnel.
He has started smiling this big teethy grin lately... I think it is so adorable!
Peek a boo!
Haha! What a sweet smile!
Me and my little man :)
Every child needs a dog.
Ah! They loved eachother!
I'd like to say this was a candid shot.... it's hard to get 3 boys and a dog to sit still for a second.
My cute Mom, planting flowers.
All the boys :)
Kody Bear
Logan was trying to hold hands and Tom wasn't cooperating... Logan said "Now you just hold yours still."
Clap clap clap
Climbing up on Mama.
Trying to give Kody kisses.
Bath time in Grandma's sink!
Slapping and massaging the wet counter. Haha
Look at the mess I made!
Rub a dub dub... cutest baby in the tub :)
All refreshed! There is nothing cuter than a fresh from the bath baby!
We stopped by to visit some friends and they spoiled Tom with Chuck The Truck toy cars and a movie. That was so sweet and it was so much fun seeing them again!
Clap clap clap
Getting SO close to crawling!
Guy time
Wearing down Little T's battery... it keeps going and going...

All us girlies.

Mom with Logan and Little T.
Trev and Joyce.
Me and Shel
He loves his Uncle Trev!
and Aunt Joyce :)
Little T dancing with Grandma. I loved watching my Mom and him together!