Monday, August 29, 2011

Parc Soleil

I remember it like it was yesterday... When Little T was only about 3 weeks old, Big Tomm was already making plans to celebrate his 1st birthday. He made reservations at Parc Soleil Resort in Orlando. We had been looking forward to it all year and it was finally time to go the weekend of August 19th. We were SO exited to go get away for a few days as a family! We knew it was going to be a family friendly place, but I was so surprised to find how BABY friendly it was. The hotel room furniture was pretty low on the danger scale and there was carpet (glorious!), perfect for Lil T's unsure but eager footing. We loved watching him explore a new environment. The room had a full kitchen so I could cook when we didn't have plans to eat out. The hotel also provided a highchair and Pack n' Play for us to use (2 less things to bring in the car).
It was everything we thought it would be and then some! We had an absolute blast!!!
We completely lived those 3 days to the fullest.

On our way... party in the backseat!
Playing with his new doggy.
It was about a 2 1/2 hour trip and he slept most the way. So cute!
The boys checking out the room. Yay for padded ottomans!

Little T loves looking in the mirror. I would too, if I was that cute!
Time for a walk and a look around the resort. A view of the main pool.
Looking back on our tower. We were on the 9th floor.
Where we spent most of our pool time. This beach was perfect for Tom to crawl around and play with the bitty fountains.
PS: See the waterslide? Yeah, I went down it. Awesome!
The playground. We didn't spend much time here... all Lil T wanted to do was comb the fake grass and eat everything on the ground, YUCK! There was even a tasty bandaid he was eyeballing but Mama was too quick for him. Icheewahwah.
Another view of our tower and the gorgeous pool.
In the playground... Dad and Jr. smiling.
Looking for snacks.
Is this Tomm's mini me or what?!
It's obvious he is proud of himself. I LOVE that!
Ooooo! He was the perfect height for this toy.
They are so cute! Look how they look at eachother.
He is experienced at rock walls.... he loves the one at Gymboree.
A picture with Mama.
The beginning of the 1/2 mile jogging path.... we walked this several times each day.
At the other end, looking back on the hotel.
Not many animals except for lizards and this bird. Bummer!
Tomm at the wheel.
Back in the room... pushing the stroller... When I take him to the mall to walk; he LOVES to get out and push the stroller by the fountains.
Ooo, the enticing DVD player, just begging to be ripped from the wall. Goin at with the right hand.
Now the left. He is a quick little baby! Haha
and back to talking in the mirror.
I did some Mommy proofing. The DVD player is safe for now.
Hydrate... getting into EVERYTHING makes you thirsty.
Swim time!
Standing by another pool. Lil T loved playing on the big steps. We did most our swimming at night because it was just too hot and bright for a baby.
Back inside, taking shelter from the bright sun.
Having plenty of fun too.
Ahhh much more comfortable in the evenings. The water was still so warm from the hot day. Bedtimes were out the window on this trip.
This night was so fun... they inflated a HUGE screen and played the movie: Monsters VS Aliens.
Little T slept during the entire show... he wouldn't have watched it anyway. But when he woke up he got to share some popcorn with me. Mmmm
The movie was fun!
Time to get wet!
Not too happy about having to get out of the pool and getting dressed. Haha He's our water baby!
Looking so cute in his John Deere romper.
Playing with the doggy.
Strollers are the best walkers. Haha.
We watched a plane doing some skywriting. It's really amazing how they do it so well without crashing! Tomm was laughing at me because I was suggesting a theory that maybe one guy is on the ground with a walkie talkie giving direction to the pilot. How else can they get it so perfect?
Haha... he's smiling but it's just too bright to look up. Poor baby!
Glad we packed all the toys, Honey! I'd rather him play with a box than the outlet behind him... surprisingly, he didn't seem to notice them here... he sure notices them at home.
What a cute picture!
HAHA! Boys. By far, mine and Tomm's favorite picture.
We had just eaten at Olive Garden so we decided to take a walk. Standing by the pretty lighted fountain, watching it change colors.
This might be my second favorite picture... Little T is just smiling away and Tomm is clearly exhausted from us chasing him around all day.
Playing his new game of trying to shake that beer out of the cupholder and blissfully unaware of his parents' exhaustion. What a little turkey!
What a perfect moment!
A view with the pool.
Time to play.
Look how cute! He loved driving his tractor in the water.
Finally a chance to relax... the tractor kept him in one place for a few minutes.
We were savoring every moment on our last night in the pool.
Time for sleepy bye.
That little smile of his.
Goodbye Parc Soleil!
Kachow! I took this picture as Tomm was driving 70 MPH down the Turnpike. Nice!
Ahh so good to be home again!
Already busy getting into mischief. Haha!
I LOVE Orlando; I swear you can feel the magic and excitement; mostly because Disney World is there, but everyone is on vacation so it's just a happy place (it's probably not so exiting if you live there or work there). We had the best time together! It always feels good to be home again though :)