Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Very Fresh Turkey , Birthday Parties & Other Cuteness

Petting Zoo Turkey Attacks Mother Of 2!!!

It was a rainy August morning.  Was it my perfume? My flowing colorful dress? My eye contact? Whatever it was that turkey wanted a piece of me.  Haha! Well actually we had already met once before at ANOTHER petting zoo birthday party in July, same petting zoo.  I think he had a grudge against me because I threatened him then: "If you peck my kid, I'm going to boot you across the lawn!".  He had a challenging manner and I didn't like it!
Well this August morning as we were all heading over to see the animals... I looked at him and he looked at me and it was ON! We had a few close calls where he tried to attack me; someone always shooed him away for me.  But then I was talking to a group of parents and he walked all the way over to where I was standing.  He started weaving and fluffing himself up and attacked my leg... I had Jack in my arms so I couldn't get to crazy and fight so I took a bit of a beating.  Haha! I walked away with a few scratches on my leg and yeah, I was a little freaked out.  
The funny thing is, the turkey's owner maintains his Mr. Innocence: "Oh, he's harmless", "Pet him, he's friendly!"
Despite my scratches, I was laughing all the way home.  That d@#^ turkey!

We all went to a PIRATE birthday party recently.  Pretty sure this was party of the year for us so far.  Besides the great company of all our friends there was a "water bounce house slide".  At first we were all out there looking at it.  The men were all discussing the safety issues and steep factor of this thing...
 The next thing I know (I'm sitting inside with all the women), someone sais: "Whitney, Tomm and Tom are about to go on the slide!" They didn't have bathing suits y'all... I find them both on the slide in their clothes with big ole grins! It was thee most adorable thing you ever saw!! They went over and over again and everyone was having a great time on it.

Proof that kids keep you young...
Jack with Daddy... before the slide.

Tom and Michael are very close buds and they talk about eachother all the time!
Two little angels "sitting" and playing together... it was early in the playdate.

And then... just watch!
Tomm and I laugh thinking of Jack doing the cutest thing... he will put his hands together and it looks like he is flexing his muscles because he will move his arms around but he keeps those hands together. So cute!
And those cheeks!!! Mama wuvs em!

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Tomm and I celebrated our 6th Anniversary this year!  I'm so proud and so happy to be Tomm's wife. I can't believe it's been 6 years! It's fun to think back over the years of memories we have together. It's even more exiting thinking about the future ahead with our awesome boys and more good times with my kick-A man!
 We had a weekend getaway to Orlando and stayed at Parc Soleil Resort.  We had a blast together there! It is gorgeous there with the pools and hotel and such a great place for some quality family time and R&R.  The boys had a great time, Tom Jr LOVED the beach pool and the playground! I wish we would've gotten more pictures but until they make unbreakable/waterproof cameras that actually take a good picture of a fast moving toddler, I'll take what I can get.

Thank-you for my babies Honey! Am I the luckiest girl on the planet?!
We left no door unopened!
 Tomm indulged us and rented this luxurious canopy for the day.  It was wonderful to go hang by the pool and then take some shade.  There were curtains on every side so I was able to nurse Jack privately. Tom Jr actually "stayed" in there and had his snacks with us despite the pool and exitement going on outside.  Daddy even bought him a popsicle!

Tomm Sr putting on some music and Tom Jr is always ready to assist.  
 Jack ooooing and ahhing.
 Jack smiling and screeching.
 Tom Jr loved the pool! It was a beach style so the water gradually got deeper the further he walked... he was grinning and it looked like he was thinking "I am such a big boy!, I can touch the bottom and even walk around."  Oh it was so cute watching him! 
 Time for a refill! (This is what his Dad has always said when he gets another can of "Juice"... now he says it)
A cute video of Tom having his snack.
A precious video of Jack cooing and screeching.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Little Tom Turns Two

 Our little Tomcat turns 2 on the 23rd so we had a party for him over the weekend.  It was SO fun! I even think he got the concept of it being his birthday party... every time I would talk about it with him he would say "Happy Birthday" and "Party Hat" and "Cake".  Haha

A few days before the party....

Ready for bed.
We should just wrap up a bunch of wires instead of buying gifts... yup he's a true Junior!
He has such a captivating face doesn't he?
All of us celebrating Mama's birthday earlier in the week.  We had a pizza party and a great day hanging out as a family.  Oh I'm so lucky!!!
He loves pizza!!!
Status on Blanche: 
Me and Muscles :)
What a delicious sight!
Little T's Party!
The invitation...
The cake...
It was cinnamon roll flavor with vanilla buttercream.  He loved it!!
Big Fire Chief tearing apart the couch!
Little Fire Chief loved watching the party from his swing.
Shot of the decorations
Ryker taking in the party scene 
Logan checking for child-proofing weaknesses.
Michael and his mama, Emily
Oh the loud vacuum is so glorious!
Snuggling my little man who has picked up a bad habit from me and Dad... nail biting.  Nooooo!
Jack loves going for rides in people's arms... especially Miss Emily!
The men looked way too thirsty inside so it was outside to the cooler.  Bottoms up!
Some of the kids joined them in some patio fun.
Such a smart looking group!
Good friends, Stephanie, Marisa and my angel.

Little Tali here looks dainty but she can handle these crazy boys just fine.
Kyle.  He and Tom go way back to 7 months old.
Tomm Sr makes me so proud!
Alia and I 
Emily, Kim, Marisa with her husband, Steve.
Kyle with his Daddy, Sam.
We arranged for a firetruck to come to our house for the party.  When they pulled up they sounded the sirens.  Little Tom was so exited that he was trembling.  He had a big ole grin the whole time.
The Firetruck and the Ambulance getting situated. 
The delightful crew! I wish I had gotten a shot of all 5 of them but it was raining and I had my baby in my arms... my paparazzi skills were limited.
So captivated!
Didn't like being crowned with the fire hat!
The weather didn't cooperate...there are two choices right now: rainy or blazing, sticky hot.
Taking cover with the little ones.
Gavin gets a turn in the driver's seat.
Bailee is a cutie!
Jacob is a natural! He has a Jeep at home that he can drive and steer all by himself.
So interested in all the equipment.
Logan checking out the truck.  He is also a climber and broke his elbow when he climbed out of his Pack n' Play.  What a brave boy!
He was so exited about everything and so happy to have his Daddy explore the trucks with him.
Kyle not sharing in his Dad's adjournment of the weather... he didn't like his head getting wet.
Jack not in the mood for pictures.  Yup, he's a Simmons boy.
Ooooh the glorious fire hose!
Ryker's turn.
Tom having a slug at it.
and he came back to turn it off... so thorough. 
Oh that adorable inquisitive face!
Head wet and having a blast!
Family shot... we got soaked:)
Reeling in the hose.
Time to sing Happy Birthday!
He got so overwhelmed by the attention and actually started to cry.
We won't do that anymore to him:(
All better and tasting some cake:)
It was hard wrangling the kids to go home... they were all playing so well together and full of sugar.
The parents enjoying some adult time.
Brodey wearing his hat... the only kid I know his age that will keep a hat on.
Jumping on the couch :)
Girls are so different... they sit and play with blocks.  (Sitting is out for me)   
Gavin gets some alone time with the car... where is everyone else?!
Jumping on the bed in Tom's room.
Brodey sharing his hat with Michael.
3 little monkeys jumping on the bed....
glad no fell off and bumped their head.
Lots of bonding.  These kids are going to be great friends!
Haha... getting wrastled! 
The families who shared their day with us... we love these friends SO much!
Lori and Aiden
Ryker, with Cassie and Travis
Robert, Kelley, Mason & Brodey.
Lisa and William (William has the same birthday as Tom, just one year younger!)
Sam, Kyle, Stephanie and Derek.  Tom and Kyle are close buds:)
Jacob, Lucus, Natalia and Little Andrew.
a better shot of Andrew.
Steve, Marisa and Gavin
Vikki and Bailee
Michael, Chris and Emily.
Marco, Alia and Tali.
Time to open gifts:) I was so exited for him to see what Mama and Daddy got him.
A leaf blower!!!!!! Just like Daddy has.
Safety goggles included.
He loves it:)
A weed wacker!!!!
a backup pair... safety first y'all!
Safely watching Daddy open the box.
Fire it up!
Rummmm rummm!
What a little man's man in the making.
It is soooo sweet to see his personality coming out everyday! Especially the case of Nature VS Nurture... The boys spend most the day with me and it's not like I ever use a weed wacker in my day to day routine.  So the fact that he is so facinated with mechanical things and stuff with motors just makes me smile!