Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Fishing Show!

A couple weeks ago we all went to the fairgrounds for a Boat/Fishing/Gun show.
It was a lot smaller than we expected but it was still fun to get out of the house and go do something. It was fun walking around to all the different vendors and see what they were selling. They even had a class on how to "fillet and gut a fish" haha. We all had a good time!

Some of the boats for sale.
Baby Tom looking so special in his new ball cap. Everyone thought he was the cutest baby!
Tomm with his Mom, Marilyn.
Me and Tom sharing a smile at each other! SO cute!!!

It's weird they would have a fish tank at a fishing show.... especially one not far from the table where they were teaching people how to gut and fillet a fish.... rub it in much?
These people represent a wildlife rescue that helps rehabilitate wounded or disabled animals. Sometimes they can help them enough to be released back into the wild.This owl was born blind. He was so sweet and he LOVED this girl... he was trying to bite everyone else who tried to pick him up. He is her pet! haha
This owl never got picked up.... maybe he just doesn't have that same approachable vibe as the other owl. ???
Eager to pose for a picture.
Very photogenic!
Our national bird in fine form. He was making a statement!
This little guy is actually 4 years old! He has something wrong with him that prevents him from growing :(

The Firsts

So in the past few weeks we've captured some new "First Moments" in our family! We've been having a lot of fun just hanging out together.
We are still working on getting Little T to sleep during the night... it slow go but it's only been 3 1/2 weeks... patience and time. :)

Here is our little man cub! I have a ridiculous obsession with hats and hoods with ears.
...more snuggling. So sweet!
Little T's first hike!
We all went walking at one of the many wildlife preserves.
Tomm and Tom :)
Me and Tom by the pretty lake.
Here he is in his hiking outfit. He is a week and a half old in this pic.
Mr. Alligator , we see you.
We were going to continue down this trail but after seeing that alligator we decided we didn't want any surprises.
Some other fun pics

Little Tom, please tell us how you feel about having your picture taken. (Oh no! he takes after the other boys in this family)
Wrapped in his favorite blanket.
Randy thought he'd found a secluded place to sleep. Our kitties are loving all the new pillows, blankets and other soft baby items... they try to sneak on them at any chance.
Some cute videos...
We have been a lot of videos, so here are a couple. One we took of Tom's first bath and the other I was just playing around and got a pretty cute clip of Randy being a not-so-good babysitter. haha