Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baby Morris Code

I am pretty sure I have been feeling the baby move just this last week or so. I have read that it is still a little early but the feeling is pretty consistant so I am almost convinced. It feels like a morris codeish flutter... How sweet!!! Now I know how every woman feels who has carried a baby and felt those little movements. I can't explain the love I am feeling for our baby.


Monday, February 15, 2010


I had the best day with my Valentine! We started the day early: Tomm went flying and I taught an aerobics class. After having Cinnamon rolls for breakfast we got ready and went to look for baby furniture! We got so many cute ideas for setting up the nursery. We also got an idea about the $$price$$; I can see how easy it would be to lose your head when buying for a baby. I am glad we went to a lot of different stores so we could compare the selection and prices. Now we just need to make a list and a budget and then we can SHOP!
After we got home from shopping I made the most amazing dinner; we had Cafe Rio in Florida thanks to my friend Katie giving me the secret recipe (Thanks so much Katie! You are the best! It was seriously just like the real thing)!!! I also found a recipe on YouTube for homemade flour tortillas. They were delicious!
Tomm is so sweet to me! He gave me these beautiful flowers. Purrl is wanting affection.

Tomm surprised me with the news that he flew his FIRST solo that morning!!! When he came in the door he had the biggest grin on his face.

It's obvious he felt so good! Congratulations babe!

His certificate! (I like the illustration... that little kick)


Blanche, please tell me how tired you are.Not photogenic.
Tomm makes me so happy; he is the most amazing husband! And now we have a little baby coming and I feel so blessed to share this with him. It is truly a miracle.
Hot Damn! It just doesn't get any better!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Unsuspectingly Expecting!

Tomm and I have been celebrating quietly the last few months because we are having a BABY!
I have always heard "Good things happen to those who wait" and "When you least expect something; it will just happen". Well they couldn't be more true to us. If there's one thing we have both learned together is that our prayers are always answered, but you have to work hard for what you want because God will never do for you what you can do for yourself.
This picture was taken at 9 weeks! You can already see the arm and leg buds. How adorable!
It's been quite a journey. The advice and instruction from Doctors and a lot of others as been all over the board... "Don't worry!", "Yes", "No", "DON'T do that", "Read this". It was very overwhelming at times because I'm the type of person that knows I can't control everything (especially Mother Nature) so a lot of the previous advise went against what my gut was telling me. Finally we worked with a specialist who helped us get here today.
So here we are today and it all seems like it part of the plan. We have learned so much! I have amazing Doctors that not only taking care of me and baby they are helping Tomm and keeping him informed and involved in all of this too.
Everything is going really well with my pregnancy. I am just trying to enjoy each day and every step in the process (it's not always easy when I am sick all the time and can't get any sleep). I am starting to see that hard bump form right above my pelvic bone. It's SO special, I feel amazing!!!

Here is a little more FYI:
  • My due date is August 18th.
  • I am 13 weeks (next week I will be in my 2nd trimester!)
  • I can't chew my mint gum right now(Gag)... It's cinnamon or fruit flavors only and I've also switched to bubblegum flavored toothpaste, Yum! Will I ever go back?
  • My consistent cravings: Bagels with cream cheese, Olive Garden (Minestrone, salad and bread sticks), popcorn, oatmeal, banana Slurpees, Lucky Charms (only as of last week).
  • Beverages: Ice water, cranberry-grape juice, milk.
  • The offenders in disguise: Salty fried foods, ramen noodles, PB&J's (my pre-preg fav)
  • Tomm and I have decided to NOT find out the sex of the baby; so we'll just have to wait and see on that special day. (Tomm is rolling his eyes... he doesn't think I will last 2 seconds.)
  • I have decided on an ANIMAL theme for the nursery (Shocker.) It is SO adorable! (Carter's Forest Friends, JCPenny). We both really like the colors and cute animals.

PS you may have noticed that I installed the pregnancy countdown so you can watch the baby grow with us. You can also click on the baby to read about the week by week development. I think it is SO cool!