Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

So I wanted to make a special keepsake for Tomm this year for Father's Day.  I had an idea to get some pictures of the boys and our man-cat, Randy and put thee pics in a triple photo frame.  
My idea was FOOLPROOF! 

This is how it was supposed to turn out... Imagine Tom, Jack and Randy all three in good spirits, holding or posing by their letter.
This is how it turned out.  Maybe next year.
Haha! Boys and pictures, I-yi.
I'm looking forward to the day of getting a Father & Sons picture (a happy one) someday.  The bond between them is so precious! It makes me so proud watching them, I can only imagine the road ahead with so many memorable moments :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Photo Shoot

I wanted to share more pictures from our session :) It's not easy keeping two little kids happy during a photo shoot... atleast we came out with a big selection of very candid photos (which I prefer anyway).   

Our favorite! 

My favorite!

Toot if you're cute!
and here's Blanche looking chipper as ever... how she made the edit list I don't know.  She charms her way into the heart of everyone.  Haha

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

JP's Infant Pictures

We had pictures taken a few weeks ago! I absolutely LOVE the way they came out! I'm so full of pride every time I look at these pictures.  I just love our family and I'm so lucky to be part of it:)

April, our photographer is SO talented! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

He is so sweet and perfect!
This shot is SO precious to me! I live and breathe for these boys!
Our baby has grown into a boy overnight! I'm so proud of him. Sniff sniff

I love these pictures with my Mother in law! It was such a joy having her here with us and I'm glad we could preserve the memory in our family pics :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Help

 This is day 11 of Big Tomm and me being on our own (without family here in town with us)... everyone is alive and accounted for.  Even though it's a race around here most the time, we have been having fun too.
Plus, we have all the extra "help" around here we need with Little T always willing to pick up some slack... he is very determined to work and find plenty of things that need his attention (even if I insist that the cupboards don't need to be emptied and rearranged right now, or that he doesn't need to sample or inspect the cat food).  Haha! 
Here are some cute pics of our latest adventures (madness)...    

Learning how to build shelves with Daddy.
Ready to assist.
Putting in the dowels...
Being very precise about it...
Taking them out and putting them back in... it's good to be thorough.  
A busy boy is a happy boy!
Isn't washing dishes supposed to clean up the kitchen and not make it messier?
He likes seeing his reflection in the window.
A messy, wet boy is a happy boy:)
This is part of the reason our blog suffers from updates...
"What are we computing today Mom?"
Little T has a good throw... the second owl from the right took a bullet for me :(
The ball whizzed by my head and broke the dish... nothing a little super glue couldn't patch up though :)
Loves to walk in his Daddy's shoes :)
Independent play... it's so cute to watch him when he doesn't realize he has an audience... he says the cutest things to himself.
Mommy sits on her yoga ball... why shouldn't he try to sit on every ball in the house? haha
 He can operate the Ipad better than I can... and thanks to it, EVERY electronic is a touch screen.
Some adorable random pictures Tom took of himself with my phone...

One of my favorite pics of the boys... soon Jack will be in on the shots :)
Fresh and fluffy haired:)
Tom loves going to the puppy shop to look at the cute pups for sale...
This puppy is very interested in the stroller's tires.
We just might have to get a dog one day... I don't even want to think about adding any more passengers to this crazy train right now though :)
Those sticky little frog feet! I am going to find him on top of the fridge one day, I just know it!
Coloring is not his favorite past time right now... but every once in awhile he gets into it :)
However, going to the park IS!
I think it's time to go home for a nap...
Tom and the petting zoo...
The goats were neat but those chickens were getting a little fresh!
Had enough of this!
The outdoors is a wonderland for our Little T.
Pulling the bark off of trees is super fun!
I took Tom to the beach before Jack's arrival... he LOVES the ocean! Not scared or intimidated by the waves (which scares me a lot!... we now have him enrolled in swimming lessons)
Ah the ocean breeze!
Digging for shells.
What a handsome beach boy!
LOVED trying to jump in the waves... he got slapped around a little bit and even got some nasty salt water in his mouth and he was right back for more.
Feeding the ducks at the park with his buddy, Brody...
High five! Look how red their cheeks are.  Haha
Brody has a new little brother too who is just a few months older than Jack.  These boys aren't going to be lacking in friends!
Tom and Brody checking on Baby Mason.
Tom is getting better about eating messy foods like this spaghetti... he doesn't like sticky/saucy feelings on his body.
wait for it...
he made it!!!
Obsessed and so curious with Dad's mower and everything else in the garage and the minute Big Tomm comes home in the evenings, Little Tom is asking him for a ride on the mower.
Feeeel the power!
Carrying the sprinkler around the yard.
and then sitting on it.

He loves to explore in the bushes and plants.

and he's off and running again.
My John Deere Junior.

I saw this jersey and had to get it for him.
So handsome!
Carrying a pvc pipe around the yard.
Big boxes are the best toys!
Waiting for Daddy to come home.
Sweet reunion!!!
Life is good!