Saturday, May 15, 2010

Baby Tees

I must say; even though it's my favorite color: I am tired of buying yellow! I can't wait to shop after little muffin arrives and puts all our wonder to rest.
In the mean time...Who says gender neutral has to be all yellow and green?
Here are some cute personalized t-shirts that I made. I got this idea from my blog buddy, Emily and got busy creating. It was really fun and easy BUT I did use 0-3 month onesies so it is quite hard to maneuver the sewing machine around the figures... had to sew around the the good old fashioned way... by hand. (If I had known that going in I would have bought bigger sizes.)
The finished products!
Up close shot of my favs:
I LOVE lil chubby owls! This one is quite precious.
Yes sir!
This one just makes me smile!
Here are some other ones I made.... I just bought the iron on thingys from Joann's.