Monday, February 28, 2011

Knee Slapper

The other night Big Tomm was making Little Tomm laugh HYSTERICALLY! He was laughing harder than we've ever seen him. We could see his eyes watering and his face was bright red... a few times we even got a little worried, we were like "Breathe!". He had been laughing for several minutes then Tomm decided to get the camera. I am so glad we were able to get his first real belly laugh on video. All three of us were laughing so hard we were crying!

See for yourself!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One Half

6 months
The moment I never thought we'd finally get to, and here we are already!

It's funny how that is... when I was pregnant with Tom, the last month may as well have been a year... and now 6 months has flown by. All I have to say is: Don't blink! Cause we'll be celebrating again in no time when we make full circle.
This month's milestones:
  • Grabbing and reaching for everything in sight
  • Rolling over
  • More teething
  • Focusing and recognizing objects and people
  • Laughing REALLY hard
  • Showing emotions (Likes, dislikes, excitement)
  • Almost sitting unsupported
  • Sleeping through the night for the first time!!! Actually, it happened on his 6 month birthday.
I've been waiting a long time to make this cake for my baby. I knew one day I would be able to. (sniff sniff)
"What's everyone so exited about?.... Guess I'll go along with it."
"Where's the spoon?"
Deciding if this new flavor is good or not.
He also had some banana oatmeal... in the 1/2 cup (nudge nudge)
Time to play
The "Bumbo" seat. It really helps support him while he sits and plays.
Loves to be outside!
I cherish this picture!
Kickin back
Mr. Independent
Pic with Mamma.
Bath time is bliss!
Dressed like Dad.
Tearing things apart is fun to do.
Trying out the big boy cup. I love Avent bottles because you can interchange and mix match any of their products with each other.
Streching out.
Yay for coordinating outfits! So sharp looking!
He loves to do what Daddy does.
Bzzzzzzz. Vibrating teethers... Genious!
The next thing I know they will be wrastling and rough housing together. Haha, I can see it now.
Enjoying some yellow food... it's either gotta be squash or beef/carrots/corn.
Administering the yellow food. Oh, the yellowness!
Only 20 bites to go. (Inside joke. I am always saying"only X amount of bites to go") May as well be upfront with him. haha
He loves to be propped up on the couch with some toys. (Thanks for the idea Mom! Works like a charm.)
It's measuring spoons in one hand and his buzzing teether in the other.
Bubbles are glorious!
Me and my sunshine boy!
They are the apple of eachother's eye.
Boing boing... loves to jump.
Showing off his 3 teeth! So handsome!
Still jumping... haha
Getting stronger on his tummy. He is now grabbing at EVERYTHING!
Target reached. haha
Looking so cute in his new "muscle shirt"!
Life is good!

JOY! Everyone had their turn holding him, now it's time to play some more.

Some adorable videos taken through out this month....

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

All You Need Is LOVE!

I had the happiest Valentine's Day I've ever had!
During the day, Little T and I relaxed from our usual routine and lived in the moment. I love to watch him explore everything around him and play with him. I am so proud that he is my baby boy !!! :)
When Big Tomm got home from work that night, we were ready with lots of surprises... and he had some for us too. We had a nice dinner, watched a movie and hung out.

Little T wearing his Valentine shirt. So handsome!
Little T had the babyfood version of Chicken Parmesan, and ORGANIC..... and I'll add that it tasted NOTHING like adult Chicken Parmesan. Bleh!
Bright eyes!
He lights up when Big Tomm is around! I love watching them together.
Purrl loves Valentine's Day. She's a very loving kitty! She followed us around all day and helped with all our projects.
We made Valentines for Big Tomm. Little T participated in the making of his, that's his little fist we traced on the blue heart. Haha
Hearts everywhere!
Making a banana cream pie for dessert. He loved tasting the pudding!
The finished product! Mmmm
Tomm surprised me with this pretty necklace! It is so delicate and feminine.
I LOVE it so much!!!

Little T wearing banana cream pie and me wearing my new necklace!
Trying to taste everything.
What a surprise!!! Tomm also bought me a new camera! Here we are trying it out...
2011: the house could be a neater, I know this... and we are surrounded by plastic/singing/talking objects.
2008: Flash back to our neater/boring/non plastic past
I'm so happy that I'm with the one I love! Xoxxo