Saturday, April 30, 2011

40 Ain't For Sissys

Big Tomm turned 40 this year! I craftily and stealthily planned a surprise birthday party for him... yeah, great way to get the blood pumping (keeping secret from Husband/ planning surprise party for Husband)
My craftiness/stealthiness included: nonchalantly pressing Tomm for input on what kinds of things he'd like at a hypothetical party , NOT talking about the party plans aloud (I used such restraint) and most of all, hacking in to his address book to get phone numbers and addresses of friends.
It turned out to be a a complete blast! We had so much fun with our dear friends who came over. Anyone who knows Tomm understands how hard he works. He is so devoted to supporting our family. He hardly takes any time off for himself and so I thought he would enjoy a get-together with some friends and celebrate the big 4 0.

Thanks to Natalie for helping create this invitation! The theme of the party was :
Home Depot-ish/ 40/ "Don't be a sissy",
and this is what she came up with (She is GOOD!):
Decorating for the party.... Flying the Home Depot colors.
Caution tape on the doors.
What was happening when Big Tomm came into the world ?
Things like soft contact lenses, plastic Coke bottles and pocket calculators became available. And 71 was the year the Microprocessor was invented.
1971 Florida history: Disney World opened in Orlando!
Our friends gathering for some grub.
Hitting golf balls into the woods. Haha!
Quinn (left) held her own with the guys! She hit it pretty far and straight.
Mama and Little Tom watching all the exitement.
Rich drilled it across the street.Nice one!
It's so nice living in the country! No way we could do things like this in a typical South FL neighborhood.
Junior, having a great time!!!
Wack! Senior, giving it hell.
My favorite picture... a club in one hand, a beer in the other. He didn't spill his beer when he swung either. Haha
The birthday cake...
Each tall candle accounts for 3 or so normal sized candles. Let's face it... this cake wouldn't have been very delicious with 40 holes poked in it and covered in wax.
Tomm didn't want to blow out any candles so Aiden stepped up and did it for him.
Junior LOVED all the balloons! So after everyone left, I was deflating the balloons and letting them fly around as the air was blowing out. Little Tom was watching as one balloon was buzzing around on the ground and he quickly picked up his foot so it wouldn't touch him. He totally dodged it! It was hilarious!
What a night!
The boys having drinks together. Haha!

Family Party!
A new lounger for the pool... because Blanche kicked the crap out of the old one.
A rocking chair float? What?.... Please.
New board shorts. All right!
Little Tom's facial expression the entire time his dad was opening gifts. He is so facinated by the paper and crackle crackle and ribbon.
Are you serious?! A floating speaker?!!!
No way! A wireless MP3 that hooks on to your ears.
Stunned by the cuteness of Little Tom's gift...
A personalized picture frame with the two of them hanging out in the garage. So precious!
Ahhh! Hugs!
Gift from the kitties... giftcard to Outback Steakhouse!
Time for dinner...
Chicken Pot Pie and Brownies! Please.
Me and Handsome (still chewing his straw).
My beautiful family, I love my life!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

We had the funnest day celebrating Easter! In the morning I took Little T to church. I now volunteer in his room at the nursery. He loves going there and he and a couple other boys (Lucas and Kyle) have buddied up to eachother. They mostly grab at eachother and taste one another's toys.... it's obvious they are best friends. Kyle's mom helps in the nursery too so it's always fun for me to see her each week.
ANYWAY, back to Easter Sunday..... after church we took some family pictures!!! Big Tomm spent ALL day Saturday working on our yard... pulling weeds, re- mulching the flower beds. It looked SO nice that we wanted to take pictures outside. Then I started cooking an Easter feast. I really do love cooking, I don't get to be to creative with meals these days since Big Tomm and I have been watching what we eat (we mostly just grill and eat salads). Not this day... we had it all! Tomm grilled a tenderloin, I made mashed potatoes, stuffing, steamed zucchinni, rolls and a peach pie. I was so SPECIAL!
After dinner we all went for a walk and then sat by the pool and watched Little Tom explore his Easter basket of toys. The perfect day!

Who's the cutest baby? We are so proud of him!
Our sweet family... Little T was loving his shaker egg. It was so pretty outside!
Chomp chomp
Picture with Mama. He was so handsome in his Easter outfit. Ahhh!
He loooved the Easter Bunny! And he because he made it look so fun he even helped convince a little girl to sit on his lap.
Big Tomm was after me about the ears... "He's not a girl!" haha
Little T's Easter basket!
Oh my! Is he adorable?!!!... and camo Easter eggs? Yeah, had to buy those.
Just enjoying his egg while Pops gets the bubbles ready.
So glorious!
Trying to grab a bubble.
They're everywhere!
"Let me give it a whirl"
It's always a good time with Dad!
Studying the camera. haha
Tomm and I love when he archs his eyebrows like this.
Babbling and shaking the egg.
My honey bunny!
"Mom, enough with the ears!"
Peachy pie, mmm mm! It was so good!