Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A-Fair to Remember

It's that time of year again! The South Florida Fair comes to town and seems to bring all sorts out of the woodwork and we all end up down at the fairgrounds.
We had so much fun this year! Here are somethings we did.....
The Fair's theme this year was experiencing National Parks.
First stop: Colorado.
They were working hard sculpting and shaping. I love the cactus! The billboard of all the featured parks...
Standing by a huge tree in Sequoia National Park in California.
Our buddies, Nathan and Ashley.
The fish were so cute!
The everglades! Woop woop!
Old Faithful at Yellowstone. Makes me homesick!!!
I can't remember where this was supposed to be...
post- worthy tree.
Yosemite National Park.
Watch out for the stalactites!
And here we are out in the real world. Fair-time!
Tomm's thinking "I could definitely handle this".
The World's smallest horse. I was a little disappointed.
A view of the action.
A perfect way to spend your money... Free insults with purchase.... that clown was the biggest smart A. We were laughing so hard!
THE ROOSTER TENT!!! We totally want one now.
The posers
The brunettes
Needs a makeover...
"You lookin at me?"
Uh, where's the head?
I shall call him... Pillowhead.

The nice, social bunny.
The anti-social bunny
Old Smokey! My favorite as a kid... I probably hugged this guy a hundred times.
A little owl! CUUUUUUUUTE! He was so sweet!
Pretty bird.
We each bought a bowl of carrots to feed the animals with. It was so fun!
Cute goats.
Fluffy cows.
Tired of carrots.
Our favorites! These goats were sooo sweet... and LOVED carrots!
Very affectionate!
Can we keep em?
Mama and baby, Ahhhh!
The party pooper. Look at those ears.... I don't think he got very many carrots.
OUR SOUVENIRS!We got some old fashioned photos to take home with us. They turned out so cool and it was SO much fun!

We girls tried to be serious and tough like the guys but we both just ended up looking pissed and I looked completely ridiculous. So the photographer stepped in and told us to just smile instead. HAHA
Me and my charming gangster! XOXO