Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fall Cuteness

How can something be so funny and not funny at the same time?
I kept saying "mess" and he would happily try to say it too.
So satisfied with his work.
The aftermath.
Ripped from his adventures and trapped in the highchair while Mom cleans up.
"You're the meanest Mommy in the whole world."
That was one chocolate covered baby.
Cleaned up and right back there to see what else he can find.
Mommy was too quick for him this time.
This is now his own personal cupboard in the kitchen... he keeps all sorts of interesting things in there.
A random pic of him busily playing... I like the word "Mom" on the TV  too ;)

Sitting on the dumptruck
CHEESE! haha
He's going through a "doesn't like getting dressed" phase.
"Are you just going to stand there and take pictures while she does this to me?"
There's a little smile!
Sitting in the pan drawer...

A different day... loves to get in that drawer.

Growing up so fast!
The carousel is soo exiting! Whenever we visit this shopping center he will point and grunt at the carousel.  He loves it!
Kyle had his first ride on the carousel and clung to Mama... I remember Tom did the same thing on his first time.
Not sure what to think of that one.
Midtown Children's Festival!
Enjoying some Cheerios and crowned cutest little boy (according to me).
He loved all the mascots wandering around.
it's Thomas the Trackless Train!!!!
The driver said the front of the train was rough and bumpy when we climbed aboard... he looked a little surprised when all of us immediately sat in the front.  That's how our boys like it! He was nice enough to give us a longer ride than usual and then take our picture afterwards. 
Thanksgiving Day!
Pops carving the turkey... he did a beautiful job too :)
 Dig in y'all!
The table set and ready.
Bubba enjoying some carrots.
... the turkey wasn't as popular but the cats ate well.
Time to color!
He loved taking the lids off and then putting them back on.
Some of the lids were trying his patience... this one in particular.  Haha! 
So busy and cute!
A family masterpiece
Safety first! He loves to wear his safety goggles that came with his tools.
Walking around with them on can be tricky.

Blanche and the fake spider... dun dun dun...
 Blanche kept stalking and watching a fake/decorative spider sticker I had hung on the window.  I appreciate her always being on top of controlling such pests in the house.  Despite every effort (even holding her up to it and showing her it was just a window sticker) of trying to convince her the spider was a fake, she remained suspicious all through the month of October until it disappeared after Halloween. 
 I'm sure she thinks she scared it away.  Haha!

Curiosity Killed The Taxpayer

Big Tomm was telling me about this news story he came across the other day... when he told me about it, I thought he was kidding...
Apparently there was a 3 year study done in Europe by the European Foods Standards Authority stating that "bottled water" may keep you cool but there is no proof that it prevents dehydration.  The commission went on to demonize bottled water companies for claiming that water will prevent dehydration... if, in the future these companies dare claim that water prevents dehydration on their packaging, they face a 2 year jail sentence. 
Are you serious?!  
I just hope the government never gets that curious with our tax money here in the USA! 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

a week in IDAHO & UTAH

Little T and I went up North for a week to see my family in early November.  My youngest sister, Shelby got married so I really wanted to be there for her.
We first spent a couple days in Pocatello, ID (where I was born) and stayed with my Grandma J.  I always cherish spending time with her.  We were able to see some of my cousins and my Aunt and Uncle too.  
In Utah we visited the rest of my family.  The last time we visited, Little T wasn't even crawling yet, so it was a different experience for EVERYONE.  Hurricane Little T was fast moving and left a wake of destruction everywhere he went.  He had the time of his life with his cousins, Drake (4yrs) and Logan (3yrs).  The 3 of them explored much together.  Little T even learned how to jump on the bed.   Haha

One day we visited my Dad at work and he took us on a train ride.  I got to drive the train and Little T got to honk the horn! Once he figured that out, he didn't want to stop. I always LOVED being on the big noisy train when I was a kid and I think Tom did too.   It's so powerful!

Here we are standing by the engine. 
I will cherish this picture the rest of my days :)
Mommy and Bubba dressed to pick up some slack.  Where do we start?!
My makeshift highchair at Grammy J's house.  He looks so cute in his UP railroad overalls! 
Back in Utah... The boys playing while us girls hang out and do eachother's hair.
Bubba getting some shuteye.  SO cute!
Tom's first bed jumping lesson :)
It's obvious he is having a blast!
Bat, bat, bat... The sound of balloons batting could be heard for days.  It seems like it takes forever for Chick-fil-A balloons to deflate... think before you except.  
Tom learning to draw with chalk (instead of eating it).  
Rubadubdub... 3 cuties in the tub.  A memorable pic to show future girlfriends.
SURPRISE! Happy Birthday Natalie!!! Partying it up at Trev and Joyce's house.
Bubba facinated with all the snow on the ground. 
Uncle Trev and Little T getting acquainted... kinda.
The decor! Natalie's brilliant, creative brain came up with these pretty decorations.
The refreshements.  Lots of sweet treats and hot chocolate :)
A closer look with the cute roses and ruffly table runner.
The favors.  For cute!
Playing the purse game.  The average bag weighed in at 8lbs.  Mom's was almost 14!... not your average bag.  No wonder she won for contents too.
Tom getting in on the scale fun.
Shelby with her friend, Chelsea.
Shelby opening some gifts... Drake assisting.
Oo la la! What's a bridal shower without a gift of "sleepwear".  I think she likes what we picked out for her.
Me and Natty :)
Tom having fun with everyone.
Drake was such a gracious host! He said "Thank you for coming" whenever someone arrived and left. 
I love those cheeky cheeks! Xxooxo

The original Jensen girls... all married women now :)

My handsome boy with pillowhead.
SHELBY & JON'S WEDDING was at The Gathering Place at Gardner Village.

In the bride's room... Shelby with her BFF, Paige.
4 generations of girls... My Grandma (she looked so pretty!), Courtney (cousin), Aunt Judy, Michelle (cousin,  Courtney's Mom).
My Dad walking Shelby down the aisle.
Shelby and Jon.
The bridal party set down for dinner.

My Parents and Natalie and Tom trying to escape.
So handsome in his suit.  
... shoes off as soon as I put them on.
Mama and Bubba, in our coordinating outfits :) It was nice to get dressed up.
Bounce bounce... he is quite the handful these days.
Shelby attempting a hug.
He had his mind on exploring every inch of the reception center.
He broke into the Bride's room
This older boy was such a cutie! Tom was watching him dance.
Everyone having fun on the dance floor.
Natty with her boys :)
Mom & Dad with all their grandboys.
The Bride and Groom.
Picture with Grandma
Picture with Grandpa
Picture with Great Grandma
Another pic of all us Sisters.  I'm so glad I was able to be there.

The boys trying to wrangle Tom. Haha
100% BOY

On our way back home... I was worried about how Little T was going to do on the plane being confined to my lap.  It turned out he was such a great traveller! He slept on the plane every time.  
On this flight the plane wasn't full so he had his own seat.