Monday, October 31, 2011

Babies Know How To Party

Little T's calendar was booked in October! A party here and party there! I never knew that becoming a mother would turn me in to such a party animal.  Baby parties (especially Halloween ones) get pretty crazy too! Haha

Library Halloween Party
We go to the library for "Storytime" every week.  I've been taking Tom since he was 5 months old.  I just love Miss Maryanne (back/center}! She LOVES the children and is so creative in her class.  She really goes above and beyond!

"Mommy & Me at Downtown at the Gardens"
 Woot woot, free carousel rides! He could go all day long.

Gymboree Halloween Party
Mom (I was a princess) and Lil' T (fierce/adorable dragon) posing for a pic :)
Hi-yaw! I shall smite you with my tail!
Another adorable shot of his mighty tail.
"Where's the ball?"
Making friends with a pretty peacock.
Pushing the air log
With his buddy, who came as a ducky.  Me and his mom made his ducky feet.
A view of the party and decorations.
Lori and Aiden.
I love the look on Tom's face.  Haha
 (PS... this picture also shows off my twirly princessy dress...  I wanted to make my dress more modest, so I added another layer to the original dress so that it would be longer.  I am TOTALLY a mom now... back in my single 20's this dress wasn't too short.

"Stay At Home Mommies" Halloween Party... 
the funnest one of all.

A pic of all us SAHM's with our sweeties.
When I say "Cheeeeese!" This is what he does.  haha
A Ducky, A Pumpkin and Superman.  How ADORABLE!
A Kitten and Tigger.
A Pumpkin Princess, a Skeleton and a Monkey.
Dragon and Tigger conversing about baby things and enjoying the Laugh & Learn house.
Miss Kitty, a Golf Pro and Dr. Cutie-Patootie.  Haha
All of us enjoying ourselves while the kids play.  Bliss!!!
OBSESSED with cars and he's only 14 months! This was someone else's stroller and he wouldn't leave it alone.  I would pick him up and take him to the opposite end of the house and he would immediately find his way back to the car.
Me with my little dragon.  What a cute pic!
Dr Cutie-Patootie with his Mama
A view of the party.
Athena, the doggy, was very popular at the party.  She was locked up in the kitchen, so it was like a petting zoo.  The kids were laughing and throwing her bits of food.  They loved the way her nails would scratch the tile as she would scramble to gobble up the food.
Here, she and Tom were bonding over the garbage. 
Loving the swirly rollercoaster toy.
Ready with a scrap... nobody's looking.... Here doggy, doggy.
My busy Dragon coming over for loves.
Getting wrastled.
Partied out.

Acreage Trunk or Treat 

Loaded up and ready to hand out candy.
Unfortunately the weather was not cooperative.
Taking shelter underneath a tent.  These friendly people let us take shelter while it was raining.
Little T was an excellent treat giver... he just kept throwing them overboard; occasionally they happened to land in someones bag. :)
More room to stretch out now that the candy's gone.
A memorable, cute pic on the hay pile.  He's not sure what to think.  HAHA!

Superhero Party at Gymboree

He slides...
He pulls up...
He climbs...
He mounts...
He rocks.
"Hmmm... Who shall I save next?"
Getting adventurous on the slide.
Going through tunnels with ease these days.
Playing peekaboo with another boy... 
they were so cute!
Every Superman needs a soft landing surface.
Running on the safe landing surface and scaring the daylights out of me.
NICE! Safely exiting... usually he just goes headfirst and fearless.
It is so cute to see him figure these things out!
This picture makes Tomm and I laugh... he looks so grown up taking a big stride.
"What stone have I left unturned in this place?"
More climbing.
Oh boy! Getting in the boat.  Easy now...
and right back out.
Discovering himself in the 3way mirror.
Finish off in a picture with Mama.  
This party lasted 30 MINUTES! He covered the whole place many times over.  This party really illustrates how busy he is.  He just wants to go, go, go and play.  It's wonderful and exhausting at the same time.  I love him so!