Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Green and White Christmas

We got to experience two different climates over Christmas! We first celebrated at home a few days early where it was clear and sunny... So we had a Florida Green Christmas. Then we left town and went to Georgia to spend Christmas with our friends Matt, Dianne and their family. We were all so surprised on Christmas Eve when it started to snow! We were able to have a White Christmas. It was so exiting!
Christmas was so precious this year! Having Baby Tom around makes the holidays even more special. Taking him shopping with me was fun for us both; I like the Christmasy feel of holiday shopping and he LOVED all the sparkly lights and adoring people that fuss over him. I even took him to get his picture taken with Santa and he loved Santa too. The only thing Baby T doesn't love is dressing rooms. Whenever I go in to try something on he kicks it up to a high gear protest... even if he's sleeping when I go inside he will be awake before I have the first item on... it's like he can hear every zip and snap (but he sleeps soundly when I vacuum) haha
Oh and might I also mention that Baby T dislikes blogging.... as I have not posted for awhile.
So here are the pics taken during our Green and White Christmas...

Our pretty tree!
Cuuute little hand! It took us 10 tries to make this ornament.
In Christmasy PJs
Ready to open gifts!
Ahhh so cute together.
Big Tomm opening a gift....
Yay it's a back saver, swivel seat!
A personalized calendar for the office.
An alligator puppet!
A bubble blower for bathtime! Big Tomm wonders out loud if this is necessary. I for one can't wait to try it out.
My delicious boy!
SO Tomm and I LOVE to surprise eachother! I totally got him this year!
TOOLBOX! Look how happy he is!
And he got me.... Heart rate monitor watch in pink!
Loved all the ribbon and crackley paper.
Some new not-khaki shorts! He loved them.
The WII! I am all for things that we can do as a family!!!
Big Tomm taking on the tightrope.... in his new shorts too.
Watch out! Our tree bites.
Hi Pumpkin!!!
A new blender!!! with a bonus food processor.... I can make fresh baby food and smoothies!!!
Trying it out! mmm mm
Christmas for the Kitties...
Randy sniffing his favorite gift...
Blanche's favorite....
Purrl's favorite....
Patiently waiting for me to open the treats. Haha

Full bellies and back to takin it easy.
Picture with Santa! I am so glad I took him and that he loved Santa. Especially because next year he might hate Santa.
I am melting!


A little hand studying.
He loves his Prayer Bear! Thanks Grandma!
Holding hands!
Hugging Lamby Pie and showing off his bottom tooth! He now has both coming in.
We made it!
Nicole's first hold.
Di's first hold.
Tomm unloading the truck.... Oh my!!!
trip 20 something.......
Really?! It's cold and Whitney, did we need all this stuff?
Putting the "Pack and Play" together. No match for Tomm.
Dressed for Christmas Eve!
My little reindeer!
Tomm and Trinity kickin back.
Little Tom was the guest of honor on the chalkboard. So cute!
The Simmons' family! He loves the lights and ceiling fans.
Matt slaving away in the kitchen.
Actually it was Dianne that did all the work around there.
Matt and Dianne! Aren't we so lucky to have such great friends?!!!
Jason and Baby Tom!
Time to open gifts!!!
Baby's first tool box!
A VERY rare model for Big Tomm. A 1991 Camaro Z28. Thank you Di!!!!
Matt's new slippers!
We put it in the Sephora bag to throw him off the trail.... surprise! Apple giftcard!
Every domestic goddess needs new sponges.
Patrick getting fooled by a decoy sunglasses case.
Dorothy loved her slippers we bought for her! They look so cute on too!
A Jumperoo for Baby Tom! I could not wait to let him try it out!
Big Tomm finally gets a tripod!!! Yay now we can take better pictures!
And Whitney got a new ipod shuffle... because the other one got itself served in the washing machine. Woopsie :(
We were all laughing at how Patrick addressed his gifts. Someone may or may not have had one too many when he was wrapping gifts. HAHA
SO surprised!
Sadie warming everyone's feet.
Bust out the santa hats....

A scrapbook! I am so exited to fill it up!
Baby Tom got a crackly book. He loves to squish it and bite it.
All partied out.
Christmas Day! He loved looking at this snowman machine and watch the snow fall and listen to the music.
Matt pretend-slaving in the kitchen yet again....
Dianne preparing all the stockings! So sweet!
Me modeling my new outfit that I got for Christmas! Thanks Honey!
Looking at the fish together.
Time for a nap!

The Jumperoo assembly.
Trying it out! You should see his little legs go!
Boing boing!
Us girls in our matching slippers!
Nicole, Patrick and Dorothy.
Every generation is beautiful in this family!
All together now.... Oh Little Tom is not havin it. haha
Mom and Dad, are we done yet?
Dogs: "What're you guys doin? Can we do it too?
Perfection! Oh crap, where's Matt?
Cooper: Where am I supposed to sit again? Neo: Where's the ball?
Sha zam! We got it!
The whole family.
Our family out in the White Christmas snow!
Lovebirds! Tweet tweet
Nicole dressed to kill and getting ready for a drive.
So pretty!

Oh Christmas tree!

Trinity playing in the snow. haha
Neo sampling the snow too.
Our Baby's first Christmas; and it was White!
So handsome!
It's obvious he loves the outdoors.
Little shark.
Proud mommy.
On our way back home.

We had an amazing time! Thank you Matt and Dianne for sharing your Christmas with us!