Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

Our Father's Day bash started at Gymboree Play & Music. They had a COWBOY party to honor all the Dads. Little Tom and I attend Mommy & Me classes every week at Gymboree so it was extra special to have Big Tomm there.
Circle time... everyone getting seated.
Checking out Mama's socks.
Handsome in a muscle shirt and looking more like Dad everyday!
BABY SOCCER!!! Wait for it...
Hiiii- yaw!
(Whenever we play baby soccer, his whole body shakes as he anticipates the ball coming to him. It's HILARIOUS!)
Oooo! Rolling back and forth on the rolly polly mat. Also a cute pic of all the Dad's with their Little Sweeties :)
Ball overboard!
He's such a daredevil! He loves the adventurous rides.
Big Tomm bonding with another Dad and Jr. practicing some standing.
He's a climber!
A great picture! Little T crawling up the ramp to get the shaker toy. Once he got it, he didn't let go of it the rest of the party.
Haha! Weeee!!!
Riding the teeter toter with his buddy, Micheal.
A closer look at that big grin.
Inching across the bridge.
So proud of himself!
Taking a breather on the horsey. It's a workout chasing/lugging our busy boy. Haha
Little T got a balloon and played with it on the way home and the whole rest of the day.

We also decided to go to Busch Wildlife Sanctuary. It is soo cool! All the animals are rescued and rehabilitated and kept at the park. The sanctuary is supported 100% by donations.

Grrrrr! We bought a few souvenirs in the giftshop.
A little Screech Owl tucked in the bird house for some shuteye.
Some Deer eating wheelbarrow stew. Lucky them!
A regal looking Turkey.
Here is a Florida "Panther".... Tomm and I were expecting a little kitty cat. It was HUGE, like mountain lion size only a little leaner and less fluffy. WOW!
(PS: don't call it a mountain lion or some lady with red hair and big earrings will be in your face)
A Black Bear getting some shade.

Some Grey Foxes.
A gorgeous Red Fox. He was sooo cute!!!
I love him!
A stunning Bald Eagle. They are soo beautiful!
Two sleepy skunks.
A little Turtle eating a salad. LOL!
The bobcats. They each had a box to sleep in.
An Otter floating on it's back eating breakfast. HAHA
A BLONDE Raccoon! We had never seen one before. So amazing!
I love watching this little guy most!!! I bought him a little owl; it's eyes glow in the dark. He loved getting down on the ground and playing in the dirt with it.
We had such a nice weekend together! I love seeing Big and Little Tom spend time and bond; it's so beautiful!
I am so proud of Tomm! He is so devoted and such a natural Father. He is always ready to play with Little Tom. It's obvious he really enjoys the baby phase and I'm sure they'll always be close because of the time they spend together.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Over The Rainbow

The other day we had a very intense storm pass over us. All the sudden the sky went dark, it POURED and the wind blew so hard. Afterward we decided to go out and see what was left behind after all that ruckus. We were pleased to see all our landscaping was intact and very surprised at the beautiful sight in the sky... TWO giant rainbows were right above us.

The gorgeous clouds. We loved all the different layers of clouds and shades.
The red sun setting.
A very cute picture of the boys.
Happy to be outside!

Monday, June 13, 2011

9 Months

Holy Cow! This 9th month of Jr's life has been the most eventful month yet. We are having so much fun with our little boy. I just love him so much and can't get enough of him!! SO many milestones have been hurdled. To name a few:

  • Crawling!!!! He actually crawled on his 9 month birthday!
  • Pulling up and standing/cruising around the edges of the pack and play.
  • Running and skidding in the walker and following us EVERYWHERE/herding cats.
  • Getting into everything possible at an impossible rate.
  • Waving bye bye.
  • Recognizing words that we say to him like: Clap, Kitty, Come here, Drink and I am sure many more .

Tom's first crawl!

and 2 days after he started officially crawling he began pulling up to standing postion...
I looked over and saw him reaching for the edges and then he just stood up with a big old grin like, "I did it!"
Hanging on with everything he's got! Haha
Just being silly and having a good time.
Look at him! Xoxo
Sitting up in the stroller like a big boy!
Loving the fountain! When ever we pass by a fountain we stop and admire it for a minute.
This year the three of us visited the South Florida National Cemetery on Memorial Day.
When I was younger my family would always have a reunion over Memorial Day weekend. We would always visit and decorate family graves. I would always enjoy seeing the Military salutes when we would be at the graveyard. The older I get the more I think about all the brave men and women who have fallen defending our country. It's one thing to say you would give your life for your freedom, it's another thing to do it... and not only for yourself.
I really mean it when I say THANK YOU to all the ones who serve and have served in the USA Military!

Little T got a hole in his sock!

Such a sweetie!
No more cruisin with out shoes on.
I love how he blinks the water off of his long eyelashes, SO cute!

My water baby!
The scene is set for some swimming lessons. We've got toys, floaties, music and beer. Super!
Mama is in your corner, Bubba! PS: floating nearby is the new pool speaker, it's awesome!
Getting pushed on the floatie.
I'm so glad I bought all the pool toys... since he is more interested in the thermometer than actual "pool toys".
Now that's a game face if I ever saw one. Bring it!
Deep breath!
Going for the dip...
Tired from all that work.
Playtime on dry land.
Having a blast!
We felt very safe with Blanche patrolling(cheetah walk) the perimeter.