Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Welcome Jack Phillip Simmons

 Jack Phillip Simmons was born on May 18th at 11:24 am.  He was 7 lbs 10 oz and 20.5 inches and absolutely PRECIOUS!!!
I was blessed with the easiest labor and delivery this time around! Tomm and I couldn't believe it when Dr. Koch said it was time and he was born in just a few pushes.  I loved holding him right away! It really takes my breath away what a miracle it is to have a baby.

 Here he is all clean, pink and bright eyed :)
First pic with Mama 
 With a very proud Dad.

 Ready to go home!
 We were so anxious to get back home again.  It was stressful to be away from Little T for 3 days! He got to spend all that time with his Grandy Simmons and Aunt TK but he still talked about us and cried for us while we were away... and I cried for him too :(.  
When we got home again it was the sweetest reunion! He saw us walk in the door and came running into my arms.  He was talking about everything and everyone around him... naming all the objects and people in the room including Baby Jack.  It was such a sweet moment!   
Baby Jack sporting camo... he is officially part of this family now!
 One of his favorite sleep positions; on his side with his hands on his ears.

Our new double stroller takes the maiden voyage filled with our two adorable boys!
 He enjoyed the ride and the great outdoors :)
 Another favorite position.

I love those cheeks!

and that little face.

and another shot of the cuteness :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Maternity Pics

 I feel like all I have been doing these last couple weeks is complaining and wishing for Baby Jack to be here. Today I wanted to take some time and capture the tail end of my pregnancy with some pictures and what the heck, maybe even enjoy being pregnant for a minute longer.  I know I will love looking back on these photos down the road.

Joyce. my sister in law was so sweet and took these pictures for me...  
I love his little grin in this picture!