Friday, April 27, 2012

Easter Turtle

I know I need to get it together with posting... our blog is ridiculously slow moving right now.  I have SO many cute pictures and updates to share with you all too.  I will try to get them all up before Little Jack arrives (which is SOON, we are counting days now.  Yay!!!)
Okay, so let me share our EASTER highlights with you...

Tom was NOT a fan of the adorable wonderland looking Easter Bunny this year.  Tom just sat on my lap and looked very suspicously at him during the pictures.  haha Memories!
afterwards we went to dye eggs at Miss Lori's house.  Tom was interested for about 
 2 eggs worth and then wanted to climb on the table and wreak havoc.
Ok, time to get it out.
The yellow wasn't as dark as we hoped so we finger painted it a bit and dressed it up with a sticker.

Play time on the mat.
Bailey trying to show Tom some affection.  She is SO sweet and always gives the other kids hugs and kisses.
Brody taking it easy in the rocker.
I love that sweet face!
Bailey feeding Tom crackers.  She is so attentive!
He had a blast!!!
Easter morning...
finding a treasure of Easter treats.

He got some new cars, an Eastery plate and cup (which he later ate his Easter dinner on, by himself) and of course a few sweets.
I love my little boy!
I hid some eggs in the yard for him to hunt.  He wasn't all that into it this year, but he did find a few of them.
He found one!
He looked adorable carting his basket around the yard!
Mommy Group Easter Party!
Everyone mingling while the kids play.
Of course there was an egg hunt :)

I found one!

So cute!
What?! These have crackers in them!
Sampling and hunting.

The thrill of the hunt was sweetened with bubbles!

Micheal, our adorable party host!

and his mommy, Emily.

Back inside... this bike was the favorite toy of the day.
Tom, emptying the diaper bag.
Micheal not sure about the bunny ears.
Ryker on the other hand thought they were very comfortable.
Tali having a turn on the bike... she is SO my favorite little girl in the group.  She is so sweet and girly but she is tough too and can rumble with all the crazy boys.
Time for a souvenir picture... just uh, hold still...
and nope, he's off!
Tali, also making a run for it.

Brody was slightly more reasonable.
Micheal SO photogenic... Emily said they practiced posing all morning.

And then you have kids like Ryker... haha! So cute!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Shower For Jack

3 of my friends gave me a baby shower for Jack.  It was such a perfect day! I had been looking forward to it for so long.

The invitation was ADORABLE! I love the poem about boys especially the part about "sweet sticky chins".  I know I am particularly crazy about a little sticky chin that runs around our house and I love to kiss it :)
They decorated so cute.  I loved the rattle balloons!
and the ducky diaper cake.
2 of my hostesses; Marisa and Stephanie
and Lori... they were SO thoughtful in their planning and these girls spoiled me! THANK YOU!
Stephanie let me borrow this beautiful dress.  It was nice to feel pretty while wearing it.
Me with Vikki and Bailey's gift of a diaper cake.  The socks and other baby clothing was all folded to look like roses on the cake.  I hated taking it apart.
My good friend Michelle and her son, Aiden.  
Kids were welcome at the shower and they all seemed to have a good time playing.  Little T is showing off his room.
Brody and Kyle bonding over the toy drill and Aiden loving the ball popper.
Kyle with his blue eyes.  He and Tom have been good buds since they were itty bitty babies.
The food was awesome!
Kyle's mommy; Stephanie with my Little T.
Aiden with his mommy, Lori.
Kelly (Brody's mom) just had a new baby herself.  Her son Mason was born on Valentine's Day, he is SO adorable. We live very close to each other so I am sure we will soon be having a lot of double play dates.  Our boys will be great friends :)
Tom showing Aiden what NOT to do with a toy screwdriver.  I-yi!!!
Aiden checking out the engine.
Bailey is such a sweet little girl!
Kyle ready to ride.
Brody now has the dangerous screwdriver.  I need to find that thing and put it up... they keep hiding it from me.
But this was by far the favorite toy of the day.  Too bad it wasn't a real vacuum... our floors would've been spotless.
Bailey and Tom playing through the glass.
Haha! What a cutie.
Instead of playing baby shower games, everyone made a onsie for Jack! What a great idea!!!
Stephanie, Kelley and Marisa.
Quinn and Maria. 
Everyone getting creative :)
Standing by all the finished onsies... I can't wait to see Jack in all of them.
The one I made.
and Little T helped give it something from him.  So cute!
My friend Natalia just had her baby too, also a little boy! Isn't he perfect?!
I got to hold him :) He was so alert at only 2 weeks old.
Hugging my sweet sticky chinned boy! 

A keepsake picture of the day!