Monday, June 21, 2010

Georgia Still On My Mind!

Wow! What a trip!!! We went up to Canton (just north of Atlanta), GA a couple weeks ago. Tomm had some work to do during the week so we decided to stay the weekend and spend time with our best buds. It was so fun: it was like a mini-vaca!
We hadn't seen Matt and Dianne since Christmas so we had some serious lost time to make up for.
Some of the highlights:
  • Tomm played GOLF! (what?!, it had been months since he played)
  • Dianne, Nicole and I did lots of girly things (hair, makeup and LOTS of shopping! Sweet bliss!)
  • Tomm took Matt flying!
  • Matt and Dianne took us all on their boat "Serendipity" for a day at Lake Lanier!
  • One day Dianne and I set out to find the missing piece for the baby's room... The elusive Forest Friends lamp. SUCCESS! we found it and she bought it for me (I can't wait to post pics of the nursery... stay tuned!) Thanks Di!!!! You are the best!

The girls! Nicole, me and Dianne.

The Flight!

Tomm showin' this bird who's boss. Tomm and I used to live in Canton. This is a view of our old neighborhood.Flying over Matt and Dianne's house.

A cool view of the tail!Flying over Lake Lanier... that we would later venture by boat :)A cool view of the wing and a marina at Lake Lanier.See that bridge? We went under it later in the boat.A view of Bald Ridge Marina; where Matt keeps his boat. Flying North.and a closer shot, west-bound, flying back to the airport.


Walking to the boat's parking space... pretty already!
This is not Matt's boat but that dog was really cute!
The Serendipity coming to pick us girls up.
Patrick, taking on the captin's seat
AWWW! Sitting next to my favorite person!
Somebody paragliding! Eeek, I would be more scared to fly over water than I would over land... is that wierd?!
These two have shared 30 (pretty sure about that number) of loving marital bliss! XOXO

Lovebirds, Nicole and Patrick enjoying the ride.
SOS! These fellow boaters had some trouble with thier boat... Never fear if you find yourself in distress when Matt Kennedy is around (unless you're a baby kitten named Purrl... another story). Matt towed these people to shore; they were so grateful!
This is supposedly "Mr Home Depot's" house! This photo is SOOO not doing it justice either. The detail of this place was out of this world.
Some guy rowing on a surf board... and making it look really easy.
What are those bubbles? Lockness monster? Hole in the lake?
We had our own theory... must be manmade global warming.
Excuse me, Mr. Gore?.... you can stop blowing bubbles down there.... the whole global warming thing... let it go buddy!
Matt about to give us the ride of our lives!
Ahh the wind in our hair!
Givin it hell!

mmmwahhh! xoxo
All smiles!
Time to stop and get in the water. We were going to stop here at this bank/beach (cemetary?... haha Dianne!) but the rocks kept us from getting close enough.
The men having a swim... and staying hydrated. :)
Having a terrible time. haha

When we got back on dry land of course I had to get pics of the other family members...
Snickers! Don't underestimate this one... he is the Alpha Male!
Cooper, the beautiful white Shephard. He was very protective of me, I felt very safe!
Trinity! What a cutie and sooo playful!
Cesar Millan's dogs don't have nothin on this discipline! Check out this well trained pack!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mountain Time

Last month I was able to go back home to Utah and Idaho to see my family! I hadn't been back there in over a year so I was really exited to see everyone. Every time I go home I appreciate the time I am able to spend with my family even more. This trip was especially close to my heart because I got to share my pregnancy with everyone and also I didn't make as many plans as I normally do, so it was nice to just enjoy doing whatever came up.
Here are some gorgeous pictures I took driving from Idaho to Utah.

Natalie took me to one of Grant's games with her. It was so fun!
Here are her boys chowin down on my popcorn. :)
Grant in action!
Behind every good player is his team! Yay!
Newlywed Trevor! Congrats buddy!
The whole team! In fine form as you can see. HAHA!
Brotherly love! Nat and I happened to glance back as saw them holding hands. AWWW!
Costco isn't such a pain for everyone... especially if you are Drake.
My beautiful Mom and Drake snuggling
Shelby, Natalie and me. All dressed up for Trevor G's wedding reception.
Who's that lady.... sExY lady?!
Of coarse I find the cushy chair to sit in... Ah sweet bliss!
Shelby just sitting there looking beautiful!
The boys eating popcorn with spoons and watching Toy Story. :)
Logan fresh out of the tub sitting with pretty Mama!
A cute pic of Natalie, Trevor and Joyce.
Grant (he just never looks happy in pictures does he?), Me and Shelby!
Me and Grammy. She means so much to me!
Yes, Tomm made her a purse too! So here we are modeling our cute purses!
Memorial Day, visiting Grandpa!