Saturday, September 8, 2012


Tomm and I celebrated our 6th Anniversary this year!  I'm so proud and so happy to be Tomm's wife. I can't believe it's been 6 years! It's fun to think back over the years of memories we have together. It's even more exiting thinking about the future ahead with our awesome boys and more good times with my kick-A man!
 We had a weekend getaway to Orlando and stayed at Parc Soleil Resort.  We had a blast together there! It is gorgeous there with the pools and hotel and such a great place for some quality family time and R&R.  The boys had a great time, Tom Jr LOVED the beach pool and the playground! I wish we would've gotten more pictures but until they make unbreakable/waterproof cameras that actually take a good picture of a fast moving toddler, I'll take what I can get.

Thank-you for my babies Honey! Am I the luckiest girl on the planet?!
We left no door unopened!
 Tomm indulged us and rented this luxurious canopy for the day.  It was wonderful to go hang by the pool and then take some shade.  There were curtains on every side so I was able to nurse Jack privately. Tom Jr actually "stayed" in there and had his snacks with us despite the pool and exitement going on outside.  Daddy even bought him a popsicle!

Tomm Sr putting on some music and Tom Jr is always ready to assist.  
 Jack ooooing and ahhing.
 Jack smiling and screeching.
 Tom Jr loved the pool! It was a beach style so the water gradually got deeper the further he walked... he was grinning and it looked like he was thinking "I am such a big boy!, I can touch the bottom and even walk around."  Oh it was so cute watching him! 
 Time for a refill! (This is what his Dad has always said when he gets another can of "Juice"... now he says it)
A cute video of Tom having his snack.
A precious video of Jack cooing and screeching.

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The Strongs said...

You ARE so lucky! What a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary with all your boys. Love the videos - they really show off personality so much better than pictures! And my goodness Jack is an adorable little chubby-chubster! You must kiss those little cheeks all day long!

Miss you!