Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Very Fresh Turkey , Birthday Parties & Other Cuteness

Petting Zoo Turkey Attacks Mother Of 2!!!

It was a rainy August morning.  Was it my perfume? My flowing colorful dress? My eye contact? Whatever it was that turkey wanted a piece of me.  Haha! Well actually we had already met once before at ANOTHER petting zoo birthday party in July, same petting zoo.  I think he had a grudge against me because I threatened him then: "If you peck my kid, I'm going to boot you across the lawn!".  He had a challenging manner and I didn't like it!
Well this August morning as we were all heading over to see the animals... I looked at him and he looked at me and it was ON! We had a few close calls where he tried to attack me; someone always shooed him away for me.  But then I was talking to a group of parents and he walked all the way over to where I was standing.  He started weaving and fluffing himself up and attacked my leg... I had Jack in my arms so I couldn't get to crazy and fight so I took a bit of a beating.  Haha! I walked away with a few scratches on my leg and yeah, I was a little freaked out.  
The funny thing is, the turkey's owner maintains his Mr. Innocence: "Oh, he's harmless", "Pet him, he's friendly!"
Despite my scratches, I was laughing all the way home.  That d@#^ turkey!

We all went to a PIRATE birthday party recently.  Pretty sure this was party of the year for us so far.  Besides the great company of all our friends there was a "water bounce house slide".  At first we were all out there looking at it.  The men were all discussing the safety issues and steep factor of this thing...
 The next thing I know (I'm sitting inside with all the women), someone sais: "Whitney, Tomm and Tom are about to go on the slide!" They didn't have bathing suits y'all... I find them both on the slide in their clothes with big ole grins! It was thee most adorable thing you ever saw!! They went over and over again and everyone was having a great time on it.

Proof that kids keep you young...
Jack with Daddy... before the slide.

Tom and Michael are very close buds and they talk about eachother all the time!
Two little angels "sitting" and playing together... it was early in the playdate.

And then... just watch!
Tomm and I laugh thinking of Jack doing the cutest thing... he will put his hands together and it looks like he is flexing his muscles because he will move his arms around but he keeps those hands together. So cute!
And those cheeks!!! Mama wuvs em!

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The Strongs said...

Oh my goodness you have the most adorable family! I totally laughed at your boys going down the slide - so cute!!! And your turkey story is hilarious.

Loved this post! You seem SO happy, which makes me so happy for you. :)